New Mask Decision Time . . .

Just ordered me a mask a few minutes ago. Should have ordered all five that were left, because now they’re all gone.

Psychic Utsava keeps on insisting that JFK Jr. is not only alive, but that he will be on the ticket with Trump for the 2020 election. The more I think about this impossible idea, the more reasonable it becomes.

Remember, JFK Jr. was running against Hillary for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts when he suddenly died, on July 16, 1999,  along with his wife and sister-in-law when the plane he was piloting fell into the ocean. No bodies to view. One of those supposed “burials at sea.”

You think he didn’t know about the Clinton hit list? What a better way to avenge his father’s death than to stage his own death, while then planning ahead for the next 20 years  . . . 20 years! . . . Is this what is meant by Trust the Plan?

Here’s an interesting little video, though I know intuitively that Vincent Fusca is NOT JFK Jr. in disguise . . .

When asked, point blank, if JFK Jr. is alive, Q responded “NO.” However, Q also mentioned elsewhere, and several times, that “disinformation is necessary.” So who knows?

Utsava mentioned in one of her videos that JFK Jr. might come on stage at the Mt. Rushmore event on July 4. However, she did not. insist on that, just said it was a possibility. Some people, apparently, took that as a “yes.” Which must have made Rolling Stone editors laugh like crazy.

QAnon Followers Think JFK Jr. Is Coming Back on the 4th of July

Here’s a long post from 2016 that might fill some people in. Haven’t done more than quickly scan through it myself.

JFK Jr. Told the World Who Murdered HIs Father But Nobody Was Paying Attention 

Meanwhile, why did I choose this mask, rather than one that just said Trump 2020? Because it adds even more interest and complexity to the mask, while still provoking people — but likely into laughter rather than fury. Good!

Call me ridiculous, call me crazy, call me whatever you want, but I preserve my right to think my own thoughts and express them on the mask I am being ordered to wear.

And just think of it: IF JFK Jr. is alive, and does join his old friend  Donald Trump on the 2020 ticket, that single announcement would destroy both the Democratic and Republican parties. Poof! That one act would create unity among all Americans. Why? Because everybody, no matter what their age or political leanings, loves JFK Sr. and remembers him as an archetypal and selfless hero who was publicly assassinated in the prime of his presidency by dark forces within the deep state. Thanks to his widow Jackie, all humans now alive, across generations and across the entire world, without exception, have the Camelot Legend running in our unconscious.

Jackie’s handsome son JFK Jr is reported to have said

I decided to take a quick look at his astro chart.


JFK Jr. had (has?) his Moon at 27° Aquarius, exactly on the degree of the U.S.A Moon, which, in a national chart, represents the public: there could not be a more exacting emotional connection between this nation and this man.

Furthermore, his natal Saturn sits at 18° Capricorn, which means that if he’s still alive, then he went through his second Saturn return between March and December 2019. Just in time to begin the new 30 year Saturn cycle by disclosing his real identity and returning to public service, not through publishing, but via political office. Note that his Saturn sits very close to what I’ve called the supporating boil that is this year’s Juptier/Pluto/Saturn combo, now between 23° and 29° Capricorn.

Okay, pay close attention: Transiting Jupiter — symbolizing expansion, largeness, largesse, fullness, good fortune — and moving Rx, will go back over 18° Capricorn  (conjunct JFK Jr.’s Saturn) most of August, and then turn on September 13, at 17°24 Capricorn to go direct. I’d say watch for JFK Jr. to be revealed on or soon after that date, or at least between then and  the 17th of October, when Jupiter finally moves past the 18th degree on its way to joining Saturn at 0° Aquarius on Winter Solstice, December 21.

Someone put up a very interesting post on twitter that Utsava. responded to. Hmmmm . . .

So, is JFK Jr. the Trump Card?

And a further thought this morning: Is Joe M JFK Jr?

Joe M Echoes Trump’s July 3rd Speech at Mt. Rushmore


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