ARKCroneCast Updates, July 5: Capricorn Dynamics; Three Dog Attacks

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CroneCast #29 || Capricorn Dynamics: Goals, Structure, & Life Force || Part 1

Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn: A swelling (Jupiter) dynamic links goals and structure (Saturn) with the life force (Pluto). How?

During this 2020 year when we’re supposed to gain CLEAR VISION, what stands in our way and provides opportunity? Cosmically: the massive karmic trinity of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto remains within orb of each other until late December, and especially during this summer stretch, with five planets moving backwards.

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CroneCast #25 || From Mental Fear to Body’s Instinct: THREE DOG ATTACKS!


First one dog (1989), then two dogs (2007), and finally, three dogs (2010)! Yet I still love dogs! These attacks — each one sustained, and with decided paranormal elements — did not leave me with PTSD. Why?

I suspect it’s because my body took over, and vanquished the dogs, each time transforming into KALI! — though the adrenalin drain was so enormous that each attack left me utterly exhausted and needing several months to recover.

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