July 4-6: Full Moon Partial Eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn; plus Moon conjunct Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn

In the U.S. that Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse is exact at 12:45 AM EDT July 5th. (Thus, only lands across the pond to the east will be able to directly enjoy/endure this third and final eclipse of spring/summer 2020 today, July 4th.)

What strikes me about this chart for the exact moment of the eclipse/full moon is the exact T-cross (one opposition plus two squares) that links Moon and Sun to the Ascendant at Washington D.C. The American Cancer home base — including all our feelings of vulnerability, intimacy, love and protection for our own family, our own localities, our own nation — is illumined and stirred up by the Full Moon in swamp-ridden deep state Capricorn. Both these planets exactly square the pugnacious, independent, freedom-loving Aries Ascendant also at 13°, with the wounded warrior, Chiron right behind the Ascendant, at 9° Aries, and Mars, lurking behind Chiron at 4° Aries, due to cross Chiron and reactivate this tense T-cross configuration throughout mid-July.

Mars in Aries: Time to act!

The Chiron wounds of this nation —including our guilt and remorse for the wounds our ancestors inflicted upon black slaves and the indigenous tribes of this land, plus those we’ve inflicted upon other nations and peoples through wars and plunder, plus our own, unconscious or unconsious, self-inflicted wounds of one kind or another to our own cultural traditions and history, and/or via stealthy infiltration of all our institutions from below, above, or outside — require direct action on the part all all of us in the “silent majority”  who have stood by as mute, scared, judgmental witnesses while deranged leftist Antifa and other mobs loot and destroy parts of Democratically held cities and . . . while at the same time Covid-19 rather than going dormant in the summer as expected, now (falsely) appears to be raising its ugly head, buttressed, as before, with skewed statistics, now rendered even more blatant.

We don’t have to act like they do. We don’t need to combat the haters directly. But we do need to stand up, to walk our talk and ACT.

Me? I’ve thinking about getting a “Trump 2020” mask, since local orders were announced two days ago: beginning 12:01 AM July 4, 2020, Bloomington businesses are required to post a sign saying customers are required to wear masks when in store. Can you believe? Starting today — on Independence Day! — we are required to muffle ourselves when inside public spaces? Is this a joke?

Housemate Dan says that all a Trump mask would do would be to advertise for Trump. He advises a lightweight paper mask instead. But my motives are more devious: First, I figure that nobody will try to kill me if I’m inside a store with that mask on. And on my way out I’ll rip it right off. The devious part: I figure if enough of us begin to wear a Trump 2020 mask, then the “authorities” will likely rescind the order to wear them! Because, as Q has put it, many times, “Is this about the virus or about the election?”


Not quite 18 hours after the partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, the Moon will then begin to cross over the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn combo, exact on Jupiter and Pluto at 23° Capricorn at 6:14 PM, July 5, moving at about one degree every two hours until it’s done with Saturn at 29° Capricorn, too. Hmmm: Might there be a bunch of arrests during that approximately 12 hour period that ends in early morning EST July 6?  And/or might the still brewing violence escalate or spread further all day and night tomorrow under this unusually emotional (Cancer/Capricorn) full moon/lunar eclipse?

BTW: this second chart shows the Ascendant for Washington D.C. at 12° Sagittarius, exact only one degree from the natal 13° Sagittarian Ascendant of the U.S. chart on July 4, 1776.


One more aspect that will figure hugely here, and that’s transit Mars, when it too, moving more slowly than the Moon crosses directly over that suppurating-boil-releasing-toxins-from-deep-within that we call “Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn.” When? Not until late July and all of August, by which time, Jupiter will have backed up somewhat from Pluto’s orb. (Which is good, perhaps.) More on that later. So, yes, along hot summer, possibly even hotter come August.

Remember: though I speak here of these aspects politically, they also affect each of us personally. What long held grudge, yucky old memory, buried pain, etc. has been held within YOU, crippling you emotionally, and possibly physically, mentally and spiritually, preventing your ignition to full-on creativity? Especially is this the case if you have one or more planets in the final third of any or all of the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.

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  1. 7/5/2020 What Your Police Have To Deal With From DHS.


    While we were enjoying July 4th the police chiefs have to also consider the intelligence rat line warnings from national security agencies. Because they come in as security advisory alerts, based on real intelligence, they have to be weighed. Antifa is heavily funded financially, and morphed into a true terrorist organization. It’s a paramilitary organizational structure with officers and ranks. Recommend turning on side bar “Chat”.

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