BINGO! Astrological timing of Ghislaine Maxwell arrest

This arrest was by far the #1 piece of news on my twitter feed this morning, endlessly repeated by various sources. It’s news that is very definitely lighting up the mainstream.

Here’s the chart for the arrest, set for Bedford New Hampshire, at 8:30 AM. (Some sources say Bradford New Hampshire instead, which would put the Midheaven at 8° rather than 9°, still very close to Uranus).

Notice, first, Uranus at 9° Taurus, exactly upon the top most degree, the 9° Taurus Midheaven (the most public point) of the chart. The Midheaven moves one degree every four minutes, so this is one of those events of which the timing is so precise that it makes me wonder if whoever is in charge of these occasions uses astrology. Indeed, the very moment of this arrest is an enormous BINGO, announcing a sudden, unpredictable (Uranus) signature correlated with this groundbreaking, earthshattering, ground-out-from-under -feet (Uranus in Taurus) event.

Also, notice in the chart, that Saturn has just, early this very morning, moved back into 29° Capricorn from its brief nearly three month foray into 0-1° Aquarius. I’d call this another BINGO, especially since on Ghislaine’s date of birth, December 25, 1961, the karmic planet Saturn sat at 28° Capricorn, within one degree of where Saturn sits now.

In other words, for Ghislaine personally, this arrest is the second act of the very public drama of her second Saturn Return which happens once every 29.5 years. BTW: searching the internet, I see that she met up with Epstein romantically for the first time in the early 90s. That’s just about one Saturn cycle ago. In other words, her entire second Saturn cycle, when we are meant to individuate ourselves, she chose to participate in a global hydra-headed snake of vile corruption via Epstein.

I wonder if Ghislaine, as she sits in her jail cell, will begin pondering the use she made of her second cycle of individuation. I wonder if she regrets anything now, and not just because she got caught. I wonder if she is utilizing this extremely dramatic and public undoing time to pay close attention to the lessons she is supposed to be learning. For one of the most insightful phrases for the three cycles of karmic Saturn is, indeed, LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE. I.e., truly learning, so that you don’t repeat yourself later, but instead use the lessons learned to both recognize your own part in the drama, to forgive yourself and others, and to work towards restitution during, in this case, her third and final Saturn cycle (ages 60-90). If, of course, she is even allowed to live.

The first act of her second Saturn Return was mid-to late March, when Saturn conjuncted itself for the first time since her decades-long round with Epstein. And guess what? This, on March 18:

Ghislaine Maxwell, citing death threats and extensive legal fees, sues. Jeffrey Epstein’s estate

The third and final act will be when Saturn moves back over that point in her chart for the third time, in late November. I expect her fate, and her history, will be in the news especially throughout this month, July, as Saturn slowly crawls for the second time, but going backward, over her original Saturn position.

Given that Ghislaine was sex-slave kingpin Epstein’s long-time accomplice, this arrest may prove an enormously significant step in this “drain the swamp” era.  I.e., her arrest will bring into the public eye more of the sordid details of her life and her connections to others’ lives equally corrupt.

The global elephant in the room — child and female sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse and murder with associated bribery and blackmail — has been rotting our entire civilization from below (Pluto), and during this very special and prolonged Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn ordeal, we are to witness all that was formerly hidden, as it rises to the surface. Yuck.

Just checked Yup. at 10:30 am, this new drop.

Yep. Timing IS everything. Not just politically, here Below, but correlated with positions and configurations Above.

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7 Responses to BINGO! Astrological timing of Ghislaine Maxwell arrest

  1. The net tightens at last.. I came via Eliza’s reblog

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, it does feel as if the tide has turned in a number of ways. Started to feel it when Mars went into Aries (June 28-29) though haven’t blogged on that yet.

  2. Not only Uranus at the MC, but Black Moon Lilith so close. Child sex trafficking is an underbelly, Shadow side of Black Moon Lilith. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in the 6th house of work … Chiron and Mars in the Plutonian/Scorpionic 8th house. Shadow themes, rape and sudden change abound in this arrest moment.

  3. Anthony says:

    Great news! But I wonder: why did she ever come back to the USA? She had it made hiding in France. Anyway, it looks like the collective is going to get a chance to face the shadow world whether they want to or not now. This is a necessary process.

    BTW: have you guys been hearing lots of loud explosions at night since the solstice? I have, here in Sacramento. Beyond anything I have ever heard before. I have also seen a lot of chatter on the ‘net that this is happening almost everywhere.

    I ask because I had a very startling wake-up dream a few days ago: I woke to the sounds of machine-guns blowing out the windows in my house. The July 4th astrological alignments unfortunately seem to support this.

    Not sure what else to do other than to be ready to act if needed. But I had a series of wake-up dreams years ago that indicated there would be some serious stuff going down on a July 4th celebration so I’m doubly antsy…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      If you receive something like this message twice, know that I tried to send a response to you and it disappeared. So here goes again.

      Question: what astrological alignments are you referring to around July 4?

      Meanwhile, no have heard nothing out of the ordinary at night around here, though very aware of how fireworks can disguise gunshots, so that July 4 becomes a target date for those bent on destruction.

      • Anthony says:

        Hi Ann, my replies to you from my home computer aren’t getting through to you either. Some serious shenanigans going on! Anyway:

        There’s the lunar eclipse, the third in a series, and this: On this upcoming full moon Jupiter will be on 23 degrees Capricorn and Pluto will be on 24 degrees Capricorn and they are both in a square to Eris (the goddess of chaos). Jupiter just finished it’s second conjuction with Pluto. Saturn just retrograded back into Capricorn. The moon is in Capricorn, and not far off from Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto – won’t it conjunct each of those planets in turn really soon? Right after an eclipse?

        But what’s really got my stomach twisted is my own natal Mars is in Libra; my natal Jupiter is in Aeries – and they oppose one another. Soon, Mars will conjuct my natal Jupiter in Aeries again. Weird crap always happens to me when that happens!

        I see on your header now that you do readings again?! I hadn’t noticed that!! Maybe it’s time I booked a session with you. I’ll try to contact you via e-mail by tomorrow, if this is possible.

        Take care, and thanks for continuing to share TRUTH!!

        (p.s. I can’t access my Yahoo e-mail from this computer!! Strange days indeed…may have to use telepathy!!)

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          Wow, you’re right. I’m so immersed in the chaotic present today that I forgot to look at the astrology for July 4th. Hard to believe! Yes on all the things you noticed. I set up two charts, one for exact moment of Full Moon/Eclipse, which will be at 12:45 AM EDT, July 5, so 9:45 PM PDT for you on July 4.

          Moon will begin the triple conjunction (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn) with Jupiter, exact on July 6th, at 6:14 pm EDT, so 3:14 PM your time, and yes, these conjunctions will square Eris, though I prefer to call her the goddess of discontent (rather than chaos). Moon will begin to exit that hornet’s nest at around 6 AM July 6th EDT so 3 AM July 6th for you.

          So about a 12-hour run of who knows what!

          Of course, any transit, “comes on” gradually, doesn’t just suddenly switch on.

          So yes, fireworks of many kinds will no doubt be featured this July 4-6. I’d say we’re lucky Mars isn’t in the mix . . . And lucky the Full Moon/Eclipse wasn’t conjunct the holy hell of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto.


          Yes I do readings once in a while. Would be glad to consult with you. Just email tomorrow or call 812-606-9563.

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