Today, June 30, 2020: JupiterRx conjuncts PlutoRx exact

Jupiter, planet of fullness, luck, generosity, largess, excess, gambling, egotism, that which lends its massive aura to whatever is happening otherwise, conjuncts Pluto early this AM at 24°06 Capricorn for the second time in this round of three, all during 2020. The final Jupiter/Pluto conjunction will occur on November 13, just after the election that will decide the fate of both this nation, and possibly, of world civilization.

The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction occurs about every 13 years, whenever  the 12-year cycle of Jupiter catches up with the 248 year cycle of Pluto. The last Jupiter/Pluto conjunction was in November 2007, in late December, late Sagittarius, with no retrograde period, thus only once.

Searching to find news events of late December 2007, during the time when both Jupiter and Pluto were conjunct the 27° Sagittarian Galactic Center, and Pluto was just about to pass into Capricorn and inaugurate the historic economic meltdown of 2008, I came across this, an announcement of The Republic of Lakotah, which asserted its independence from the United States on December 17, 2007. The website, kept current —

— gives us this:

Pluto, remember, symbolizes the life force itself, primal motion — of conception, birth, growth, maturity, aging, death, leading to rebirth, etc. of every changing form at whatever level. For humans, Pluto’s action usually happens way underground, in the depths of our unconscious, as the primal life force attempts to move to the surface and encounters (usually manmade) structures that either attempt (and ultimately, fail) to wall off the life force, or to limit and channel the life force in only certain directions rather than others.

That structuring channeling function is Saturn, and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is the main one we are dealing with during this strange year of 2020. Pluto’s primal energy is inexorably destroying and/or restructuring Saturnine forms.

So remember: this Jupiter/Pluto conjunction occurring for the second time this year today, must be seen within  the larger Saturn/Pluto context. Whatever is happening with Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter amplifies it.

Saturn and Pluto conjunct each other, every 35 years or so. The last time was 1982-83, when TIME magazine “man of the year” was THE COMPUTER . . . Just think about how everything has changed since then. I, for one, got my first computer in 1985, a used Apple 2E, and my life took off in an entirely new direction.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction before that, in 1947-48, was a particularly powerful (Pluto) time when the CIA was born and Operation Paperclip brought over thousands of Nazi scientists who infiltrated NASA, the psychiatric profession (MK Ultra), and who knows what else.

So Saturn/Pluto years are always meaningful, powerful and inaugurate long-lasting structural changes that redirect the life force.

This Saturn/Pluto year is no exception, as we learned in February, when MSM media coverage of Covid-19 plandemic began to mind-control the entire world population into F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

And so now, back to Jupiter, which amplifies whatever it touches, remember? The first Jupiter/Pluto conjunction of this 2020 series took place during early April, the most amplified time of the plandemic. And remember, Saturn remains close to both these planets this year. At the April Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, Saturn had just entered Aquarius ten days earlier, to start the brief period of experimentation that found its strangest and most famous expression in the event called CHAZ (CHOP).

Both CHAZ and the Republic of Lakotah were born during a Jupiter/Pluto period, and both have similar goals, basically to carve out an autonomous nation with different values and goals within the confines of the U.S.A. Given that the Native Americans, but not present day Americans, value and incorporate the wisdom of their elders, rather than sending them to nursing homes and killing them off with Covid — is it any wonder that the Republic of Lakotah and not CHAZ feels like it might just have longevity, indeed that it might just serve as a template for other experiments during this storied time when Pluto returns to its natal place (2020-2025) for the very first time since the U.S. was born and, after it’s all over, might we realize that we have restructured this (dis)United States into perhaps a looser conglomeration of independent entities?

As Jupiter conjuncts Pluto again today, Saturn is again at 0° Aquarius, just about to pass back into Capricorn, two days hence, on June 2, 2020. I presume the Aquarian “experiment” called CHAZ is about over.

Meanwhile, remember that the most significant Saturn/Pluto action has to do with the destruction and/or reconfiguration of forms (Saturn) which no longer successfully channel the life force (Pluto). During this Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto time, everything in life is up for review, all structures and goals (Saturn) that we once took for granted.

And with Jupiter in the Saturn/Pluto mix, powerfully conjuncting Pluto for the second time this year, everything that happens during this signature year is amplified hugely.

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