Is Covid-19 being recycled already because the Deep State has run out of fresh ideas?

Anyone wonder why Covid-19 is — oddly enough, since during hot summer it’s supposed to lie dormant, drooling with eagerness to roar back in October —  now being recycled through to rekindle the F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) that was starting to fade?

After all, thanks to incessant mainstream media programming, it sure worked the first time, and ruined the economy too. Another lockdown? Could “they” get away with it?

Could this attempt to re-run Covid 19 (buttressed, as before, with misleading or downright lying tests and statistics) be because the Democrats (and RINO Republicans) have run out of fresh ammunition? That none of their various schemes to take down Donald Trump have worked in time for the 2020 re-election? Russiagate: oops! Impeachment: oops! Covid-19: hmmmm . . . Race Riots: Damn! Lost energy way too quickly! Yep, even the leftist-indoctrinated, easily triggered millennial generation’s race-riots-cum-cancel-culture-cum-delete-history card is beginning to fade before BLM and Antifa manage to pull down all the statues and burn down all the cities.

But Covid? Again? Now? Already? As the saying goes,”Insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.”

I do think they are still planning on one more fresh fear-mongering ploy prior to the November 3 election, and that’s something having to do with space. Asteroid about to hit the earth? Comet? Meteor? Or maybe some sort of holograghic vision beamed into the heavens of a gigantic UFO, or maybe Jesus Christ? Something like that. Surely, their list of still-available fear-mongering false flags could include something from the space that surrounds Earth. Right?

Best would be a large body from space scheduled to hit Earth, or even better, hit Washintgon D.C., on November 3, 2020. You betcha, we will need to vote-by-mail then, right?

Come on guys, I’ll be very disappointed if you don’t at least try to get us to look up from our screens and see something horrifying hurtling earthward and if course, via predictive programming, pulled directly from some disaster film or other.

Seven Great Movies Featuring Life-Threatening Asteroids

Oooo, how about this? Just checked my twitter feed . .  . Looks like @alaraofsirius is tuned in, too.



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  1. I had to explain it to one dear friend this way. He too felt that so many doctors surely are not wrong.

    Dear Friend,

    Our knowledge of virology is quite marginal. I’ve been reading two books by Dr. Judy Mikovits, “Plague” and “Plague of Corruption” Judy is a 30+ year veteran who still runs virology labs. Much of her career was under funding provided by Dr. Fauci’s office, until she refused to lie for him and commit criminal acts of lying about lab results for him.

    One of the characteristics of a virus is that it needs bacteria to grow.

    The virus builds tiny pieces needed to eventually assemble itself into a virus inside the bacteria and/or the body cell. All these dormant pieces get built by the virus (dormant may be the wrong word) throughout key parts of your body.

    The virus sits dormant until some sort of triggering message takes place. Upon the trigger event the virus “bursts.” That’s what virologists call it, a viral “burst.” Before the trigger it is unassembled as a virus. When the burst occurs you become ill.


    So keep in mind that if you effectively treat the patient who is carrying the identifiable viral parts in the body, you are in effect treating bacteria that has infected your cells. That’s how the virus most likely got into you in the first place.

    “Viruses love company.”

    One of the great Vax dangers has to do with how the labs develop vaccines. The ground up mouse brains usually used to incubate the vaccine, does not have sufficient purity control to insure that “a lot of junk is not also being transmitted” (a vital Dr. Mikovits quote) that the vaccine labs are not aware of and do not spend money to isolate out of the mouse brains. But hey without legal liability for Vaccine Developers and a POTUS that does not have time to dig deep…. well it brings a nation right to where you appear to be.

    My research (not part of Dr. Mikovits work) Has to do with triggers. What causes the “burst” event.

    It appears to be that low levels or just normal levels of vitamin C and D3 are key triggers. Above average levels of C & D3 appear to be needed. When the body has above normal levels of vitamin C and D3 the trigger is never hit. China stopped selling it Vitamin C, blockaded it’s Naval Base near Wuhan, and threw huge shipments of packaged vitamin C over the gates to their Navy. They knew what was happening and did not share the data. In fact the CCP lied about it using the WHO. The body may be full of virus components ready to burst and kill you, but you feel well. Why? Because the virus remains dormant. No viral burst occurs because you maintain above average levels of Vitamin C and D3.

    What happens when the virus is triggered?

    One of the things that happens seems to be that when a trigger is hit, the virus burst electromagnetically reorients the oxygen in your hemoglobin so that the iron atom in the hemoglobin is electromagnetically prevented then from carrying and releasing oxygen to the body. It’s called hypoxia.

    Notice that the video briefly mentions Cl02 (Chlorine Dioxide). For about $50 instead of about $5,000 per treatment Chlorine Dioxide kills the bad bacteria in your body and gut, while leaving the good bacteria and while releasing ample oxygen, releasing it to your hemoglobin. Thus you live.

    So yes, you are terribly, terribly wrong. The CDC is totally Corrupt along with the FDA, and NIH, all of which are withholding and blocking existing useful treatments that we’ve had for many decades. The entire group, CDC, Fauci, Birx, Redfield, the FDA, the entire POTUS medical task force, are corrupted both financially and I would say in Fauci’s case as an elite school, Jesuit reared child, spiritually influenced by the Jesuit creed and by his own ego driven apparently negative spiritual belief system part of which is to reduce the population of Earth down to not more than 500-million. This stuff is all real at the highest levels. Follow their actions, and not what they say.

    There is no way for the general public to know or accept all this because anyone talking about it is blocked.

    We are in a Spiritual War.

    We do not have to accept mandatory Vax, or tracing.

    Like Katherine Austin Fitts says,

    “Do we want to be part of the Divine Intelligence, or, do we want to be controlled by the Machine Intelligence and hooked up to the Department of Defense Jedi Contract with Brain-Machine interface and mind control?”

    “We have a choice. We don’t have to accept slavery.”

    In short, it appears to be you making decisions without full information.

    It’s totally forgivable and understandable that you are right where you are. You are relying on incomplete information blocked by hordes of minions from reaching you.

    A PROPHYLAXIS – Pass this by your doctor I have no medical training)

    Daily Prophylaxis for protection: to give your body above average levels of Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 plus Chaga Mushroom Tea/Coffee. About Chaga .

  2. James says:

    In a Doc RAM interview with Leak Project a few days ago, he claimed he had insider military knowledge that in the next 3 months that all pension funds will be ‘disappeared’. This is at timestamp 46:24 (it’s a long interview, with all the customary Doc RAM topic hopping. so you may not want to watch it all).

    **IF** this is true, then this would definitely throw elections, and life in general, into a state of complete and total havoc. Millions of retired people will suddenly become penniless. Would not surprise me if the banksters and other evil critters running this planet tried this. Seems like a bit of the interview right after this statement may have got cut out of the public YT version.

  3. S. Patton says:

    What a bunch of right winged fascist astrology! Trump is a monster with no values except destruction!

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