From Saturn/Pluto Opposition (2001) to Saturn/Pluto conjunct (2020): CHAOS? Or “INTENSE CREATIVITY”

I keep harping on the fact that this year presents the rare (once every 38-39 year) conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, the two most “karmic” planets in the zodiac. The conjunction was exact in mid-January, with the public spectacle of impeachment first, then the fear-based Covid psy-op with horrific economic disruption soon afterwards, then, this month, the “race war” psy-op . . . and now Covid appearing to return . . . Hmmm. What next?

All of these “events” present an increasingly wild and gyrating wrecking ball to the structures (Saturn) that inform both our civilization and the collective unconscious (Pluto). 

This Saturn/Pluto conjunction process (which lasts all year), follows upon the last time a decidedly significant Saturn/Pluto aspect was operating, and that was . . . wait for it . . . you guessed it! 9.11

Saturn and Pluto had moved to oppose each other in August 2001, and then, on September 11, at 8:54 AM when the first plane appeared to hit the first tower, that still operating Saturn/Pluto opposition just happened to fall exactly upon the Ascendant/Descendant axis of the U.S. chart.


Much that is being said about that time is also being said about this time, for example, that it was an event that reverberated around the entire planet; that its horrific destructive force set in motion unknown consequences that will unfold over many years, and more.

But, just like last time, this time also offers an unparalleled opportunity to move into the heart, and transform FEAR into LOVE. The results, if enough of us do this, will in turn be equally unfathomable. 

I wrote about 9.11 several times in the Celestial Navigations newsletters I used to offer by subscription to astrological clients. Here’s an excerpt from the October 2001 newsletter, with a pdf of that entire essay below.


Emergence 9.11 Emergency


Though I was in as much shock as anyone, my belief that the U.S. was an arrogant, ignorant, brutal, self-serving bully, its karma long overdue, was buttressed by the attack. For if terrorism is terrible, so are its roots in injustice and oppression. “Finally,” I thought, “the day has arrived when the weak serve justice to the strong. Our 3000 dead are nothing compared to millions of people starved of their birthrights and put into low-wage slavery by corporate national policies which enslave the third world to serve America’s metastasizing greed.”

That was my first response. But then, as those early days crawled by, and especially the nights — oh those nights! — when my ideological guard was down, I was catapulted into the maelstrom of fear, grief, terror, fury, confusion, and chaos crowding the mass mind. I too grew afraid and confused. I could feel myself being sucked into the collective vortex, life force ebbing away.

Instinctively, I did the only thing I knew how to do, when threatened with extinction: I moved to center myself, to ground myself into Mother Earth. I practiced QiGong and Tai Ch’i daily, I climbed mountains, I rubbed the bellies of my kitties; I sat in silent witness to the sun and moon and stars as they rise and set in their courses, oblivious.

Within a day or so, rather than desperately fending off chaos with the armor of belief, I was able to invite a tiny bit of the chaos into awareness, and, while remaining centered, work to transform chaotic energy into loving kindness. I began to direct this compassion towards my “enemies,” the leaders of the U.S. — my scapegoats — the very ones who had made Obama bin Laden their scapegoat.

For weeks I made this my regular nighttime meditation: to notice where I was in judgment, where I felt separate, where I held hate in my heart, and to bring those who were the objects of my judgments into awareness, and surround them with compassion transformed from chaos. This helped. I could be of service. I no longer felt crazy.

Over the past few nights my nighttime meditation has been mutating. At first, I noticed that I was able to take in more negativity without overwhelm. That my capacity for transforming chaos into compassion had increased. One night I noticed that with each breath my chest was expanding, that in my breathing in and out I was opening and holding a space for all peoples.

At first, I was on the outside of that space, tangent to it, as if I were mothering the world, my arms around her. Then, gradually I found myself moving to the center of that space and sensing other people, hidden in the corners of ordinary life, also standing in their own center points, all of us collectively opening a vast space to include all living beings, their ancestors, their descendants.

This space which we are opening is alive. It shimmers with energy, its vibrations traveling at warp speed to bathe us all in divine light.


Likewise, this year — especially mounting this past week as Jupiter retrogrades closer and closer to Pluto (exact for the second time on June 30) — I notice, feels alive, shimmering with energy. None of us here have never felt the earth’s natural abundance so overwhelming as we do now. Plus, in our little Green Acres Permaculture Village, individual personal creativity is off the charts. 

Just yesterday, on the way to the bank I passed by podmate Chris working on his self-initiated and self-directed complicated project to transform all the paths of the gardens so that whenever rain falls on the paths, the water will be siphoned into the surrounding beds.

“How you doin’ Chris?”

“FINE! I’m being inundated with intense creativity!”

This remark was especially noticeable coming from Chris, who usually keeps a very serious, reserved manner. YES!




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