Cathy O’Brien, MK Ultra presidential-level sex slave to Hillary Clinton, stressed the coming NWO back in 1996

Why am I titling this post to focus on the New World Order, rather than on lurid “MK Ultra presidential sex slavery”? Well, I’d say, because the two are connected.

For, though I have immense respect for Archangel Michael in a recent channeling through Linda Dillon, I have a feeling that the rich people he talks about — who, he says, have given up trying to control us and are in retreat on their giant gated properties hoping to save their assets — are NOT the cabal that is still determined, more and more desperately, to bring in the NWO.

Archangel Michael: The Cabal Is Not as United as You Think

I was going to post something on Cathy O’Brien today anyhow, but seeing today’s Archangel Michael message made me even more determined to do so.

Two dear old friends of mine are convinced Trump is a narcissistic bully who only loves money. I emphatically disagree, and here’s why.

Like many others, I woke up to the horrific underbelly of our world civilization in 1999 when I found myself devouring — and being repulsed by — Cathy O’Brien’s memoir, Trance Formation of America. At first I didn’t believe her, couldn’t believe her; it was just too horrible, the details of her story. Nobody I knew acted like that. The people I know are humans, not deranged demons.

And besides, I was a Hillary Clinton liberal, who just couldn’t stomach the idea that mind-controlled O’Brien was trafficked to the White House for especially Hillary Clinton during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Within a year or two, I did manage to internally integrate the horror to the point that whenever Hillary ran for the presidency I was dead set against her.

When she ran against Trump I couldn’t stand Trump either, seeing him the way my two friends do now. So I threw away my 2016 vote on Jill Stein.

But something in me was changing. I had already become familiar with current transits and progressions to the astrological chart of Donald Trump, and its connection to the chart of the U.S.A., and I was beginning to recognize his essence, what lay behind the bloviating persona, that egocentric, narcissistic first house Leo Mars. I began to see this persona as a front, the buffoonish manner disguising the stunningly unpredictable and brilliant Sun/Uranus in Gemini opposite Moon in Sagittarius signature. The Sun/Uranus/Moon combo makes him a disruptive force with a larger than usual perspective. And that unusually powerful and self-centered Mars warrior energy helps him go after what he wants, no matter how large and entrenched, and despite massive ongoing TDS onslaught.

Now, in 2020, I tend to see those who hate Trump for his ego as so uncomfortable with their own egos that they project them onto him rather than accepting and learning how to consciously harness their egos to focus and command risk-taking challenges in their own lives. In other words, by taking on immense, complex, seemingly impossible challenges, Trump is challenging us to do the same, each at our own level. And to do so, we must activate our own egos to serve at the direction of the soul.

Meanwhile, somewhere along the line I discovered the investigative journalism of Liz Crokin — who has been focused on covering the horrors of child sex trafficking for many years, and who says that during the time she worked as a society columnist in New York, she tried hard to dig up dirt on Trump, but couldn’t find any.

Two news items come to mind that buttress her conclusion:

His much touted (by the MSM press) “friendship” with Jeffrey Epstein, for example, is belied by the fact that Trump barred him from Mar A Lago after he learned of  a sex assault on one of Trump’s workers there.

Even more significant, a Florida prosecutor in the 2009 Epstein case, said that “Donald Trump was the ONLY ONE who helped him”

Aha! Right after searching for those two stories, I just now come across a current Liz Crokin video that references both the above articles. Synchronicity!

Ever since his first presidential campaign, Trump has been talking about “draining the swamp,” and since Covid-19, about “the invisible enemy.” I’d say now that with both phrases he is referring enigmatically to the virulent virus of worldwide pedophilia, trafficking, and satanic ritual abuse, including murder — all used to bribe, blackmail, and thus CONTROL not just political figures, but people in power all over this planet, and at every level. For example, the CIA, for which child trafficking offers a lucrative  black money source for black projects.

Child Sex Trafficking — The CIA, Deep State, and Satanism

Child sex trafficking infects society at every level, implicating sports, politics, Hollywood, business, religion, academia, etc. and focused through judges, prosecutors, doctors, priests, counselors, politicians, actors, teachers, etc., who often operate as nests within local communities. CPS and similar governmental services worldwide are also implicated, for example this recent news, from Germany. 

You might want to watch Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Coverup, about how boys from Boys Town were trafficked to the Reagan White House.

If you are not yet familiar with Liz Crokin, please watch more of her videos. Aha! And now I see this, just out, an article that quotes Liz Crokin:

Did AG Barr just low key tell Jack Dorsey that Twitter Is a Child Trafficking and Pedo Network?

Finally, if you are not familiar with Cathy O’Brien, please either read her book or watch one of her videos, for example, this one, from 1996, which goes through her entire story, starting with being raped by her father as an infant, sold to the Michigan Mafia which was sanctioned by future president Gerald Ford (who also raped her) as a seven year old, and so on; the story gets worse and worse, more and more eye-opening. Plus, over and over again, she references the many powerful politicians who abused her as working for the New World Order.

I sense that draining the swamp will eviscerate the finale meant to lock in the New World Order that would render us all slaves forever.

Cathy herself begins at about minute 38.

Perhaps you might now make sense of another of my favorite Q quotes?: “These people are sick.



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6 Responses to Cathy O’Brien, MK Ultra presidential-level sex slave to Hillary Clinton, stressed the coming NWO back in 1996

  1. Rich Buckley says:


    Sadhguru (Google him) takes a cosmic perspective.

    Here in the USA, I’m sensing we face many of the same issues as India. So I follow Sadhguru and others.

    I am thankful for the cosmic spiritual perceptions brought into the US since the early 1900’s. Sadhguru is apparently now opening minds and hearts even here in the USA. Much of what Sadhguru says and comments on, hit home on the subject of CV-19.

    My President (POTUS) I am hoping will see that he needs to start taking bolder Presidential actions on subjects that matter to his followers, (and me) many of whom consider themselves as truth seekers, independent, and view current affairs as a spiritual moment for us to choose direction.


    Like Katherine Austin Fitts says, “this election isn’t really about who wins, it’s about who controls the spigot.”

    What does she possibly mean?

    “Things all start to make more sense when you view CV-19 as a currency war.” At first the concept is startling.

    A currency war?

    The subject of currency reform is the background context to understanding artificial intelligence, Transhumanism, globalism, vs. Choosing

    “We have a choice,” says Fitts.

    “First we need transparency.”


    “Do we want to be part of the Divine Intelligence, or, do we want to be controlled by the Machine Intelligence and hooked up to the Department of Defense Jedi Contract with Brain-Machine interface and mind control?”

    “We have a choice. We don’t have to accept slavery.”

    Much of the language at a Trump Rally is coming across as shallow, even if on target. It’s not penetrating deep enough.

    Trump is not identifying boldly, the devious master of free markets, the multi-headed dragon, The Federal Reserve Bank.

    (But sits on his hands and does nothing about it)

    The multi-headed dragon is found throughout the globe. Amazingly, the US Constitution places the weapon to tame this dragon in POTUS’s hands and yet he does nothing. Many of us wonder if he get’s it.


    He could signal that he get’s it by various bold acts. Reform our US Currency by lobbing off some of the dragon heads… announce guidance to the Treasury Department to start paying off short term T-Bills as they come due with US Treasury Dollars not with more Federal Reserve Bank (Debt) Notes. This would start paying down the debt.

    And/Or POTUS could announce someone like Katherine Austin Fitts as his new VP Running mate. She gets it. She’s very smart and speaks in layman language and seems to carry a very deep spiritual quality even as a financial guru. She sees the cosmic issues, maybe not as refined as a guru, but she gets it.

    These would be positive bold actions, that indicate POTUS gets it too.

    I guess the essence of this rant is: Get off the dime and help kill the dragon or get us someone who will. A choice is upon us.

    Sorry, I feel better now.

  2. Matthew William Browning says:

    My name is Matthew William Browning the former owner of the Browning firearms company in a victim of sabotage. You do remember Ruby Ridge don’t you, my uncle was Kenneth Weaver!
    Dolly Browning is my relative!
    My uncle Kenneth Weaver told me that MK ultra was in his body and you can identify it by a small surgical mark all the way around the neck. I call it ring around the collar. It is a Mormon necktie.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Wow. Thanks for commenting here, Mathew. What a legacy! I grew up in Idaho, so that incident caught my attention in aa big way. Very interesting, his info to you about the marker for MK Ultra. I will remember this and look for it in photos. (These days, hoowever, that mark all around the neck might instead show the edge of a rubber mask . . .)

  3. Matthew William Browning says:

    To see if a person is really telling the truth about CIA projects such as MK ultra and project monarch. Simply look at the person snack you should see a surgical scar all the way around their neck. I have the scar all the way around my neck. Tiger Woods has a scar around his neck and Robin Williams has the same scar

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