David Icke on Mask Mania

And that’s a nice way of putting it. Icke refers to it as “insanity.” Agreed. And very discouraging to me that, when I go out walking, or into a grocery store, more and more people are wearing masks! Not fewer and fewer, as I hoped to expect, given that the BLM “protest” (and looting and rioting) psy-op has supposedly overtaken the covid psy-op. But then, if you keep plugging into mainstream news, that IS what you’ll get: F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) which leads to compliance, obedience. yessir, yesmasta.

At the recent BLM protest march here in Bloomington last weekend, I was told that everybody was wearing a mask! However, in this large crowd the six-foot distance rule was NOT obeyed. Okay, so why one and not the other? You mean you’re going to beLIEve only part of the programming, or one part of the programming when it’s convenient, or when it makes a politically correct statement? Yuck.

While masks will be offered at the door to those attending tonight’s Tulsa rally, I wonder how many will wear them.

I love the fact that President Trump refuses to wear a mask.

I see recently that the California government has now made masks required in public.

Hmmm. . . Will the California public go along?

What U.S. States Require Masks In Public?

To me, David Icke’s “position” on masks is truly the only sane one to take. And if push comes to shove here in Bloomington, Indiana, I will have to be one of those who very publically refuses to wear one.

As Icke says, only if we the people continue to acquiesce, can they pull this massive psy-op off. And of course, if we comply here, there will be even more stringent requirements in the future, all heading toward the long-planned New World Order where human beings become totally mind-controlled slaves to the 1%.

If the Covid psy-op was a test run, it sure was successful! 100 countries now require or strongly recommend some form of. mask-wearing in public.

BTW: I just heard that when school children return to school in Washington state, their desks will be required to keep the six-foot distance, plus the kids must only face in a forward direction in the classroom. This means that the kids won’t be able to circle-up, and the group-think promoted by schools since the ’70s will be at least suspended. One silver-lining, I’d say. See this recent post.

Here’s Icke. Great story to start his video about getting on a ferry as the only passenger at 1 minute to midnight before the new rule on mask wearing on public transport went into effect. The man is fearless.

Step up to the plate, folks. Fearlessness is now required, if we wish to salvage both our sanity and our humanity.

If You Concede to Stupid, You Become Stupid



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11 Responses to David Icke on Mask Mania

  1. Stargazer says:

    Maricopa county AZ had mandated masks now. I advise everyone who is under mandate to check out citizens-watch.org to get resources to stand up for your constitutional rights

  2. Anthony says:

    I had to wear a mask for the first time at work yesterday. When I asked my boss what she would do if someone refused to wear one, she said she’d send them home. It’s not legal, but in this state with its psychopathic leadership there really isn’t anything I can do. Every single person I work with is totally on-board with it, and I was even told by one of them that they felt threatened by me not wearing a mask before.

    At this point I am just doing it to get along. But the day that this governor mandates vaccinations for COVID-1984 will be my LAST day here, even though I really don’t have anyplace to go any more (my brother’s grown kids are out of jobs and have moved in with him).

    There are people protesting here, but it’s just wasted effort in my view. All the courts are corrupted, so if they get arrested or sue it won’t go anywhere. Our fate is sealed in California.

    Thanks for being one of the few sharing TRUTH during these times. Oh by the way: I can no longer access your website from my work computers. I am also locked out of accessing many libertarian and conservative websites. This evil is rapidly spreading.

  3. Ellie says:

    YAY Peggy Hall!!! You go girl!!!
    Masks are NOT mandatory in Orange County, California!!!

  4. rose day says:

    Ann, for me, the most disconcerting facet of mask-mania is the rigid stance among many ‘maskers’ whom have not bothered to become personally educated on the subject and are merely repeating what at times is profoundly conflicting advice.

    That so many have ‘fallen-in-line’ on the subject in a matter of few months clearly exposes the power of media manipulation operating at the behest of some sort of over-arching agenda that seemingly fosters mindless abdication of personal sovereignty.

    ‘Controllers’ are playing very dirty on this issue in that they are painting those who prefer not to mask as uncaring of fellow man which is an incredibly unethical yet incredibly powerful method of division, chaos and control.

    A great number of maskers may have been ‘going along to get along’ up to this point and the decision to mask or not to mask could well become a defining marker which seems totally ludicrous when viewed from a point of logical perspective.

    Luckily, the ‘new’ Physics promotes the phenomenal power of positive thought in overriding negative intention and now might be a good time for those on board with this concept to double down on the concept as we ride out this present absurdity.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Totally agree with your analysis. If only the maskers could see themselves, how “compliant” they are to the MSM! Did you notice: hardly any maskers at last night’s Tulsa rally? YES!

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