Victor Davis Hanson and Magenta Pixie: from one powerful 3D overview to one fascinating 3,4,5D perspective

I doubt these two would think of themselves as aligned, but why not? Or maybe they would, if they understood where each other is coming from. I remember back in my doctoral days in philosophy during the late ’60s-early ’70s. I was always talking in this way, saying it’s way more important to attempt understand “where someone is coming from” than to try to “prove” any statement/opinion/perspective etc. is true or false. Why? Any so-called proof is based on a set of assumptions that themselves must be proved, leading to an infinite regress in assumptions.

But when we ask, “where are you coming from,” all sorts of doors open, both within the other and within the self. Why? Since each individual has his or her own unique “point of view,” i.e., — and I cannot stress this enough — “point from which one is viewing!”  (unless, of course, a person is programmed from outside, which, unfortunately, most people today are . . .) and since, the horizon always vanishes into infinity no matter where one is standing (i.e., reality has no circumference), then the center of the universe is everywhere. You stand in the center of the universe. I stand in the center of the universe. Let’s welcome each other, and our various, utterly unique “points of view.”

Victor Davis Hanson is an deeply and complexly thoughtful, and more and more public, historian who sees what’s going on now in America with a very wide-angled lens. YES. And if, as he claims, these BLM and other “protests” are more akin to the 18th century French Revolution than the somewhat earlier American Revolution, then, rather than returning to our Constitution that guarantees liberty and equality of opportunity for all, what’s going on now in this nation is meant to bring in “equality of result” — i.e., full-on socialism/communism, where individual effort does not count (so why do anything?) and everybody gets to bask in government handouts (from where?). This increasingly blatant New World Order propaganda is what America’s youth has been programmed to beLIEve in academia, ever since when, the mid-1970s? Yuck. Of course, as Hanson says, that revolution certainly didn’t work in France. In fact, what they got in the end — Napoleon — was worse than the monarchy they managed to topple.

Okay, so that’s, as far as I’m concerned, an unusually enlightened 3D perspective on the ongoing uproar, and one which should serve as a warning to fervid youths who don’t recognize that their “revolution” is without unintended consequences.

Now here’s Magenta Pixie, who offers a fascinating multidimensional (3, 4, 5D) perspective on the current individual and societal turbulence. Pay close attention. A very interesting message from “the 9” that reminds me very much of my recent post on current transits with Neptune in Pisces .

“From telepathy to alchemical unification. . . You work together as a sea, a wave, an ocean.”

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