ARKCroneCast: June 13 offerings: Not one, but two public this week!

Note: We’re in the midst of technical problems here due in part, we now realized just today, to a new version of Chrome browser that came out on June 1, and has bugs in it that even geeks are having trouble with . . . On the other hand, remember that four planets are currrently Rx, with Mercury scheduled to do the same on June 18 (for three weeks, something it does three times each year). Oops! And Neptune to go Rx on June 23. But: two days later, Venus, now Rx, will turn to go direct on June 25. So if you’re confused about what’s happening here on Earth, know that this retrograding time is for us to rework old shit, as they say. Go back over whatever is glitching, find out what’s going on, and fix! Of course, during this Saturn/Pluto year, “fixing” itself becomes a process. that tends to drag. out, requiring lots of endurance and discipline. So yep! Whatever is going on for you and me and everybody is just one more gunky, sloggy Saturn/Pluto endurance test that we are individually and collectively undergoing throughout 2020.

To My Sweet, Patient Patrons!

This week’s public offering on Patreon:

CroneCast #23 | Chapter 6, Questioning Assumptions | 10 Tools For Transformation

Now on Youtube:


We also made this previous video available for the wider public on Youtube:

CroneCast #22 || FROM FEAR TO FUN: How to make “Ann’s Chai Elixir”

I decided to post this PSA as a counter to previous PSA, “What Is
FEAR,” as a way of balancing the scales. I’ve long had the motto, “If
it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing,” and that goes for my new morning
ritual, which I invented in early January, writing a blogpost, “A
Saturn/Pluto Gift: Meet “Ann’s Chai Elixir” for That post detailed various nutritional and medicinal benefits of at least 15 different ingredients I put into
each daily batch. Since then, I’ve refined the process so that it’s
less time-consuming, by making three batches each time I do it. One
thing I forgot to mention in this video: when pouring the tea, make
sure you use a strainer, and anything it catches just toss back into
the pot. You can also put a little creamer in it or chill it served on
ice in summer.

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