How “Black Lives Matter” in Academia

Living, as usual, at the razor’s edge of society, as well as, for the past 17 years, at the eastern edge of Indiana University, and given my point of view, which I don’t parade around this leftist academic town, but certainly don’t stop myself from speaking, should the occasion arise, I have now begun to see myself as a homeopathic antidote to the culture of Indiana University.

Re: this latest cultural, (politically correct) “race war” psy-op designed to force us all to vote from home in November, and ignited with the massively publicized (white) knee on (black) neck, here’s a stunning rebuke to the unfolding aftermath, supposedly from a History professors at UC Berkeley who must remain anonymous if she wishes to keep her job. Wonderfully nuanced and complex. PLEASE DO READ in its entirety. I post as a thread because the original post had already been taken down when I tried to go there. Thanks to Tracy Beanz on twitter, it still exists.

More “insurrection” by academics posted this morning by Jonathan Turley. Haven’t read it yet, but here goes.

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4 Responses to How “Black Lives Matter” in Academia

  1. A Friend Asked Me This Morning:

    Rich You have your finger on the pulse. How do we turn this around ? Is it too late? How do we get back the country we protected and loved?

    My Response:

    My Fried,

    Know that all the protests have elements that are working to control the outcome. There are dark extremes only working to depose POTUS.

    Define carefully what it is you want.

    Try to resolve it down to a sentence.


    Assume you have been placed in limbo and that you will remain there until you can formulate an answer to the question, “What is it that is most important that you want in your life?”

    Each of us has to ask our own question. There are no wrong answers. One is either being authentic or inauthentic with oneself. It’s a starting point in all that follows.


    I believe there is an important truth contained within the protest of BLM….the need to reform police training and modify police responses.

    These seem to be police training techniques generated over the past few decades as our warriors return from our endless wars and go into police services and police training academies. We’ve gone from “to serve and protect” to a more militarized training of “control and contain.” We picked up all the military toys from HLS, from Flash-Bang grenades, tear-gas, to facial recognition software and drones. Is there a policing format more attuned instead to an imagery of Mayberry USA instead?


    (1) Police chiefs are tasked to be more transparent all the time.
    (2) They need to go out of their way to distance themselves from negative images and unacceptable outcomes.
    (3) They need to be authentic in speaking about good response versus unacceptable responses.


    (1) Contained within the protests are well meaning, good people, seeking peaceful reconciliation.
    (2) BLM protest, for example, either works to remain on the peaceful side of all the movements going on, or they will be swallowed into oblivion of the staged and coordinated chaos.
    (3) The goal of the chaos and violence is to depose POTUS over creating changes in police techniques. BLM must resist being subsumed into the chaos and violence and loss of their peaceful message.
    (4) BLM must therefore remain peaceful and committed to one thing, peaceful resolution of modifying police response tactics.
    (5) If the leadership of BLM truly comments to peaceful resolution by aligning with black Baptist church leaders, together with such other churches as resolve is shaped, and POTUS, and his new Round Table action cabinet composed of several black leaders. BLM ‘s peaceful protest will not have been in vain.

    But the starting point to all this is to ask your main question of yourself being authentic to yourself. Then find a role you can fulfil your self-chosen role and reach the end result you want to see.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Excellent commentary, Rich! And I agree totally, whatever one’s response to anything in the outer world, it must begin deep within the self. Anything less is inauthentic.

  2. thymia17 says:

    You might want to look into the two scientists, Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein. They used to teach at Evergreen College in Oregon. They warned about toxic political correctness for some time. Bret was fired because he refused to leave campus on a day when all whites were supposed to leave campus. Strange story, but many others similarly treated.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks for the heads’ up. Clearly, this P.C. psy-op is NOT new.

      I do faintly remember this from a few years ago. Interesting to me that HRC’s Secret Service name was Evergreen. Also interesting to me that, way back in the early ’70s, when I was hired, and then one year later, fired as “too experimental” for now defunct New College of California, I briefly considered applying to Evergreen State, since it had a different rep back then. I wouldn’t have lasted there either, however. Anyone with their own mind intact is suspect in “higher” education. Glad I got out and reset my life to follow my own path.

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