Angry Mars conjuncts formless Neptune and both square Sun: FROM CONFUSION TO COMPASSION.

Are you confused yet? Do you wonder why, for example, our suddenly iconic (ex-convict) hero, tall George Floyd, had such a short (gold!) coffin? Wonder why he was lauded with five funerals with no “social distancing” when no one else is supposed to hold a funeral even now in this supposedly post-Covid era?

Oh wait a minute. The (only sometimes) “peaceful protests” (no “social distancing” required there either) are dying down! And just like that, right on cue, Covid is rising up again! Fauci says so!

Wonder how the kneed-(to-death?) George Floyd (who has an identical twin?) echoed four others also supposedly kneed to death during the same week world-wide? Wonder how Nancy and her Democrats put a knee to the floor for exactly 8 minutes 46 seconds, supposedly the amount of time George spent under the knee, and, BTW: notice that 8:46 AM was when the first plane melted into the first tower, back on 911?

Hmmm . . . Symbolic? Some kind of public ritual? Sacrifice?

Wonder how Antifa suddenly rose (again; remember the run-up to the 2016 election?) into prominence directly after the Floyd psy-op that got everybody, I mean everybody, to switch, suddenly, from FEAR (of a”virus”) to FURY (over a supposedly iconic black man’s supposed death). Wonder how, all of a sudden, everybody shapeshifted into a social justice warrior, a civil rights activist? Wonder how being politically correct could suddenly morph from wearing a mask because you’re afraid of what’s “out there” to wearing a mask to conceal your identity so you could steal stuff or hurt people (for “the cause”?)? The prop remained. the same; only the reason for wearing it changed.

And just today, we discover that money that goes into Black Lives Matter coffers is laundered to fund Democratic party operatives. Wow!

As they say: “Follow the money.”

There’s so very much more, of course, all seemingly designed to drum up confusion in the mass mind which, of course, is par for the course. At this point, I’m more and more convinced that, just like with the 911 event and countless school shootings, the Floyd psy-op was designed to get those of us who tend not to be-LIE-ve “the official story” get balled up, distracted into chaos and confusion to the point of demoralization, so that we just give up, throw up our hands in defeat. “Okay. Whatever you say. Can I just get on with my life?”

Answer: NO, you can’t. Massive currents of both fear and fury, pandemic and pandemonium still course through the atmosphere, infecting minds and hearts to the point where rationality gets cancelled. Even if you try to “get away” from the swirling currents you can’t. There is no away. Chaotic confusion reigns everywhere.

At least in the 3D world.

We can, however, detach somewhat from even how the poisoned psychic weather infects us; was can, however, either begin to or remember to pay attention to our own fear and/or fury as they surge up seemingly out of nowhere, I mean everywhere, and threaten to make us strike out at or cower away from, whatever is our chosen target.

We can, in other words, be aware of our experience, at the same time that we are going through it. Awareness is key, and transforms (unconscious) reactivity into (conscious) responsiveness.

The confusion as to “what is really going on” has seldom been this prevalent or this layered. And no wonder. Over the past few days the active trigger planet Mars, now at 19° of oceanic Pisces has been moving towards exact conjunction with (lying, deceptive, addicted, confused and/or visionary, compassionate, idealistic, spiritual) Neptune, now at 20° of Pisces, the sign Neptune rules. Meanwhile, also over the past few days, the Sun in mental, rational Gemini at 21° now begins to move out of exact square with both of them.

Gemini with Pisces: Huge amounts of facts, factoids, misinfo, disinfo, rumors, all melting together with real or pretended compassion (Neptune in Pisces).

Neptune has been in Pisces — and let me repeat, Pisces is the sign Neptune rules, and so it operates in a stronger manner than otherwise — since 2011, and will remain there until 2025. Fourteen long strange years. The gift of this placement is or will be unity, universal Love, a widespread sensing that that, yes, indeed, “we are all in this together.” That I am You and You are Me.

When the pandemic began back in March I noted the remarkable fact that for the first time in history the whole world was united, finally, despite that what united us was F.E.A.R. — a remarkable feat that perhaps only a pandemic could achieve. Or at least the electronic, digitized bullhorned threats of a dire dread disease that would kill “2.2 million Americans” alone if left unmitigated!!!

Fauci, Birx, and their handlers (Gates, the WHO, the CDC, who else? The DNC?) really knew how to play us. It didn’t take much, given that at least most in the western world are still so used to trusting medical authority, and that most are also so disconnected from their own bodies that they actually fear them, as well as of course, fear Death, the big kahuna  that haunts even the “upwardly mobile.” Yep, no matter how far up we climb, the final fall awaits us.

But then, the plandemic was winding down and the pandemonium ignited, with a (white) knee to. a (black) neck! Whee! Race war! (Again.)

With Neptune in Pisces, more than ever before, we all either swim or drown in oceanic. oneness. Stay in 3-D, and the ocean feels stormy, roiling, terrifying. Move to a more. multidimensional perspective, and oceanic immersion invites unity, oneness.

Magenta Pixie talks about this unity, what we all, ultimately, aspire to, and to which, believe it or not, this entire global drama is but prelude. Not, however the oneness of the “New World Order;” not to the “United Nations” (or its police force, what George Floyd’s family supposedly asked for instead of  (hopefully) “defunded” U.S. police). Rather, Neptune in Pisces invites the unity, the oneness based on compassion for all humanity, an inner heart and soul knowing that no matter what is going on with each person, he or she sits inside his or her own point of view, i.e., a unique individual point from which he or she views the world. Furthermore that each point of view is central, and therefore equal — since there is no circumference, no horizon of which we cannot ask, what lies beyond that?

Meanwhile, suffering is the name of the game. Everybody, in this fearful/furious time, tends to be suffering internally. Old wounds, long concealed/congealed in the dark murky oceanic depths, surface, to be exposed to light. We suffer because we are attached to our old wounds, and attached to our own way of seeing reality. We try to make others see the world the same way we do, and we fail. So, if we stay in the mind, then we  clash. Suffering gets projected out, we try to make someone else suffer instead. But there is no “instead.” Just as there is no “away.” We are all right here, and right now, in the midst of panic and pandemonium: that utter discomfort is what unites us all.

Only as we ground ourselves into our own bodies and our feet into the living earth;

Only as we rise above our circumstances to view the entire human panorama as one vast Piscean mystery;

Only as we do both at once, only as we energetically create/invite a vertical antenna that connects above to below, heaven to earth, will we even begin to center ourselves within what others still endure as swirling panic and pandemonium. And as we do, we can afford to open our hearts wide, to encompass the entire world in compassion.

Remember: Whatever is going on with just about anybody, and no matter how they try to pretend otherwise, they are suffering. Bless them.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are the exception. Of which there are only a tiny few. We, however, are legion. And WWG1WGA.




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