Ben Garrison: The Masks Speak. YES!

I’m SO happy Ben Garrison gave us this cartoon. How many times have I, sans mask, sashayed quickly through grocery stores with furtively masked folks passing me by, looking abashed, ashamed, done in, strangled, muffled, obedient, virtue signalling, etc. etc. etc. I try not to think of them this way, but I fail. Utterly. So again, thanks Ben Garrison.

P.S. I’m 77, supposedly well into the age when I should be very very afraid. Yet:

1) I have long been in tune with my body and have supported my immune system for the past half century; plus sleep enough, eat nourishing food, drink clean water, exercise daily, both walking 3 to 4  miles and my yoga/chikung/taichi routine.

2) I STAY CLEAR of mainstream medicine and mainstream media, experimenting with alternatives while keeping an open mind and heart, and . . .

3) I do not just “keep busy,” but have ambitious but reasonable short and long term goals, while structuring my days to accommodate both my needs and the needs of those around me, and finally . . .


Get it? That last may be the biggest difference between me, a crone who lives from the inside out and other old ones who still(!) cower in the face of outside authority and are terrified, absolutely terrified, of dying. In short, indoctrinated by western culture into thinking that either this life is all there is, and/or they might be headed straight to hell.

Oh, and I hardly ever wash my hands, and I certainly don’t continuously disinfect surfaces. Plus, there’s more and more info that tells me masks are a very bad idea! Not only do they do no good (since the supposed “virus” is so tiny), but they actually hurt you by restricting the flow of oxygen into your lungs. I mean, duh! And let’s not get into the argument of how social distancing slows down herd immunity. In fact, let’s just back off all the arguments and admit: either we are sovereign beings, or we bow to something or someone or some flow of fear porn external to the self, cower in fear, and thereby ruin our immune systems!


I, for one, am a FREE, SOVEREIGN BEING.

And you? Come on folks, rip off that sweaty mask! Be yourself. Show yourself. Love yourself as you wish others would love you.



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2 Responses to Ben Garrison: The Masks Speak. YES!

  1. ~ Occams says:

    Perfect – but it looks like the WHO’s website is signaling for Round 2 in September, so EVERYONE should be happy to stand in lines, again, wear more masks and gloves (I love that it’s ‘so dangerous’ that sheep discard their germ-laden items all over the ground; the New Litter), and begbegBEG for a vaccine, where, as I like to sum it all up;

    ‘You’re awaiting a vaccine who’s trials are so rushed it nearly killed super-healthy volunteers (stupidity is its own reward ~ my dad) for almost a non-existent flu from a guy who swears he wants to save all 7 billion but 2 years ago on video at a conference said he wants to remove 5 billion ‘to sustain the earth’ and a vaccine that is ‘DNA-altering’ right after an ObamaCare act that said most over 65 are ‘useless’.

    Oh. Okay. YOU…..can get the vaxx. Not me. If it means no more flights, oh well. Living well is better than something in my body that will determine my Must Use By date shelf-life has passed.

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