ARKCroneCast update for June 6: Only one public post this week

This week, we’re waiting for new external hard drives to be delivered. With close to 30 videos produced by Gabrielle so far, it’s time to back up all our media archives to make room for future videos! Both of our computers are considerably slower, so we’re taking this week to archive. Look for a new post on June 11th or 12th.

P.S. Note the synchronicity between the post I just put up a few minutes ago, and this one, both of which reference F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

CroneCast #21 | What is Fear, Part 1

This timely offering was made public only on Patreon initially but it is now available to Youtube subscribers as well.

This is a wide-ranging contemplation on the origins, causes, location, varieties, uses and abuses of the all-too-human emotion we call “fear.” Beginning with my own childhood, and expanding eventually into the ongoing world-wide cultural miasm we are immersed in now, I recognize that there are, in the final analysis, only two emotions: Fear and Love. Fear contracts. Love expands. In order to develop and maintain our own well-being, each of us,.moment by moment, must learn how to consciously choose Love over Fear.

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2 Responses to ARKCroneCast update for June 6: Only one public post this week

  1. Masud says:

    Hi Ann, thank you for this helpful video, would you have suggestions on how to release fear we are picking up from the collective?


    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Let me think on it. I WILL, delve further into FEAR, as it’s obviously not dissipated, despite the current FURY that covers it! We pick up both from the collective winds that course through. Important to be aware of how these mental viruses catch us unaware. One thing I can say to you right now: practice being aware, waking up again and again, into the present moment and what is going through your mind. Meditation, in one form or another, helps. But yes, I will address this issue on a deeper level in a new video.

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