Green Acres Village Life, May 30, 2020: BEAUTY, AND IMPERMANENCE

Note: See yesterday’s post.

While (it appears to be) leftist Antifa (cells?) Soros-activated to simultaneously ignite riots, loot, and burn (eleven?) cities (all run by Democrats?); while seeming-two-year old supposedly young adults (also Antifa?) hold tantrums, yelling and screaming at Secret Service guards outside the White House; while, as in Minneapolis, digital warriors document what’s going on, including pallets of  bricks conveniently place for looters in Dallas — my young Virgo housemate Dan decided to go camping with friends for two nights on the shores of nearby Lake Monroe. Loaded, of course, with precisely chosen gear he had been thinking about for days —


— including heavy iron pan for the homemade pancakes.

“But did you remember the spatula?”


“And don’t forget the wood!”

Meanwhile, we Green Acres Village podmates live here, surrendered in beauty, the precisely timed, likely Soros-funded and coordinated, domestic terror attacks inside cities not even whispers in the gentle wind. Some flowers:



Asiatic Lily.

Sunflower, on its way up, with handmaidens.

Tulip tree tulip!

But let us not forget the law of impermanence. What better teachers than mushrooms, which suddenly spring up, a whole village of them!

And then, the very next day, are gone.



So remember:

And rejoice!


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1 Response to Green Acres Village Life, May 30, 2020: BEAUTY, AND IMPERMANENCE

  1. John Cowan says:

    Your pictures are so beautiful! Thank you. Your thoughts about impermanence remind me that if the “world” and the “intellect” is all there is we are doomed to waken to the same conclusion that the writer or the book of Ecclesiastes; wherein the author goes through a list of things he tried in seeking fulfillment: career achievements, materialism, alcohol, pleasure , even wisdom. Everything Is Meaningless – The words of the Teacher, son of David, king in Jerusalem: “Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the author. “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.” What has happened before will happen again there is nothing new under the sun. The alternative to this is allowing a new dimension to leak into our consciousness – some call it intuition, the Hindu’s call it Pragña which refers to the highest and purest form of wisdom, intelligence and understanding. Pragña is the state of wisdom which is higher than the knowledge obtained by reasoning and inference. Once we open ourselves to this higher knowledge that comes not from the intellect but from other dimensions of the spiritual world we learn that we can live in the world while we are not of the world.

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