ARKCroneCast Updates for May 21, 2020: Autobiography (audio), Soul Contract with my Dad (video)

Both offerings this week refer (at least in part) to my relationship with my father. Please remember that these CroneCasts are offered as a way of sharing the internal process, over many decades, of one conscious crone (77 years old) as she looks back to make continuously evolving sense of  — carving out larger and larger meanings for —her one wild and precious life. Not because I’m a narcissist (though I may be!), but because I CHOOSE to offer my own personal living process as an example for others. As here: who does not have a Dad? And who does not have some kind of ongoing karmic/dharmic entanglement with him, whether he’s alive. or dead? Here’s a photo of Bernard Leo Kreilkamp (2016-2012), rowing across Green Lake in Wisconsin when he was young. Notice his focused seriousness. I inherited that, and have had to work hard to “lighten up”!

New CroneCast for silver and gold tier access is an audiobook reading.

CroneCast #28 | Chapter 7, Autobiography | Ten Tools for Transformation

Description: Writing one’s “autobiography,” especially at a relatively young age ( was 44), may seem arrogant or silly, or both. But believe me, it’s very instructive. Especially if you learn how to split yourself into two people: the experiencer (who holds the memories) and the witness (who links the memories together in a certain gestalt or pattern). In other words, “autobiography” as. “case history.” And of course, one could write an autobiography of one’s entire life every single year, and notice that the meaning of the whole changes, evolves. Always, we are dealing with rcs, circles, cycles, widening out from the center point of the self through time and space. In any case, yes, my Dad did figure hugely, both in life and in this telling of it.

The public video post this week for both Patreon and Youtube:

CroneCast #19 || Soul Contract With My Dad

Description: I detail the hugely transformative journey that my Dad and I endured, a philosophical divide that kept us strongly at odds for nearly 30 years. One tidbit I forgot to mention in the video: while dancing with my Doctor and Catholic Deacon Dad on a cruise ship during the folks’ 50th anniversary, he looked at me, and stated, soberly, “Thank you for making me question every single one of my beliefs.” This was when he was my age now, 77! That was 3/4 of the way through our journey. Both the midway point and the finale were equally amazing.

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