Annals of Covid-19: From the Numbers Game to Starting from Scratch!

Here’s one way to “explain” the forced insanity that has been force fed. through the MSM to the U.S. public Not my idea. Saw it somewhere this morning. Where? Anyway, here it is:

How many car accident fatalities per year? 90 per day. That’s 23,400 per year! Geez!!! That’s horrible. Quick!  Pass a new law that limits drivers to 20 miles per hour, make everyone in the car wear helmets, and forbid all left-hand turns. Whew! That should bring the fatalities way down!

William Engdahl weighs in on the same Covid-19 Numbers Game, with a detailed dig. Much appreciated.

Coronavirus. and Dodgy Death Numbers

Is the fear porn working? Unfortunately, I am sad to report that my very best friend of 35 years has succumbed to the Covid Cool-Aid. Her fear is what scares me! She used to be so rational, so comprehensive in her understanding! What happened?

And yet, as she said to me last night on the phone: it depends where you live, and on your situation. And she’s right. We in Green Acres Permaculture Village are sitting pretty, doing what we have been doing all along, and now folks are recognizing the value in this way of life for the first time. Lots of complements coming from people who walk their dogs on the street. And they’re asking if we’re going to have a CSA this year. No. We’re feeding ourselves first (nine people). But we are selling seedlings and who knows what else as the season wears on..

My friend, on. the other hand, runs a small business with her daughter, a beautiful little store in the state of Washington; it also functions as an informal community center for her tiny town and yet is always operating on the edge. Plus, neither she or her daughter have received their stimulus checks that we all received here quite quickly, once they were announced! Not even that.  Nothing! Nor has any money come through for her small business. She claims the big banks, which are supposed to distribute the stimulus money to the small businesses, are keeping all the money. And she may be right, at least in her state.

This morning, I noticed that the Justice Department is going to go after big banks for just this reason, and mentioned the states of Colorado and Washington. Wish I could locate that piece of news again. Even though I search, can no longer find. Sorry!

Is this perceived scarcity what put her into fear? Not sure. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

Maybe it’s time for them to figure out how to sell their beautiful things online (they’re working on that), and turn their beautiful acreage just outside town into a permaculture paradise. Her daughter is already a permaculturist — by nature, by training, and having grown up visiting her father’s small intensively cultivated farm. All they need is a few young people working alongside them, living on the land in tiny houses, with their house as the main house.

I’ve told her this for years, literally years! “But,” she says, “it depends on who you are!” Well yes, it always does. And yet, no matter who you are, living with others does require adjustments in one’s habits and ways of life, especially for people like the two of us, in our late 70s!

But anything’s possible, when everything goes to hell.

Meanwhile, I know of two couples, one in their 50s, the other in their 60s, who are planning to do just that. Both couples are now looking for land with a big house or several houses on it that could be transformed into a permaculture paradise with others.

Let’s go folks! It’s time.


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