SHORT, IMPACTFUL VIDEO: Ben Swann with Dr. Judy Mikovits — both targeted for truth-telling

Swann knows how Dr. Judy feels, and how a campaign to  try to ruin someone’s reputation begins: within a short period of time, feed huge numbers of similar stories to MSM outlets.

(Ben Swann’s rep came under fire when he revived the “Pizzagate” story and, unlike other MSM journalists back in 2017, did NOT make fun of it.)

And Swann, a REAL investigative journalist, notes the single issue that, if you have no time to plough through Our Hero, Dr.Judy’s many many recent video interviews, at least know this: the Bayh-Gore Act of 1980 that allowed/encouraged an unholy alliance in so-called pure, disinterested, objective science between professors, universities, USG grants, reputations, Big Pharma, MSM media, philanthropic foundations and “peer-reviewed” research oriented publications to inject the profit motive into public health.

Though I see that this Act was amended somewhat in 2018, Dr. Judy claims that it needs to be rescinded entirely, if we wish to return to objective, disinterested scientific inquiry. As long as anyone can make money by steering the public in a certain direction, or to recommend drugs over natural remedies and expensive (and unsafe) drugs over cheap ones, we cannot trust the “science” that supposedly led to any “discovery.” Case in point  Covid-19: Remesvidir ($1000 per injection which must be administered in a hospital) vs. Hydroxychloroquine, at 60 cents per pill. And let’s not even get started on Bill Gates, his enormously profitable vaccines. Yuck.


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