ARKCroneCast updates for mid-May, 2020: Mental Fear? No. Bodily Instinct: THREE DOG ATTACKS! (video); Journaling & Mining Emotions (audio)

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CroneCast #25 | From Mental Fear to Body’s Instinct: THREE DOG ATTACKS!


Description: First one dog (1989), then two dogs (2007), and finally, three dogs (2010)! And I still love dogs! These attacks — each one sustained, and with decided paranormal elements — did not leave me with PTSD. Why?

I suspect it’s because my body took over, and vanquished the dogs, each time transforming into KALI! — though the adrenalin drain was so profound that each attack left me utterly exhausted, taking several months to recover.

As an added bonus, I include the notes I took before doing the video which, BTW, I had decided upon the night before, when I found myself telling these three stories to my young housemate Dan. (P.S. Video includes a demonstration of Kali . . .)



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CroneCast #18 | Chapter 4, Journaling & Mining Emotions | Ten Tools for Transformation




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    Today is Occupy Main Street USA others just call it Occupy America. Jan and I have our masks in our pocket to defend against law enforcement, not against the public. This morning while walking the dog, the most cautious wore their masks properly like a kippah… out of a needed sense for humor. The threats of arrests by orders coming through Federal Health Agencies and not the Governor’s office or State Courts. So I shared this with elected officials.


    Yesterday I plowed through 3-hour interview of my mentor-hereon, Dr. Judy Mikovits on Dr. Paul Cottrell’s interview channel. I really like her CALL TO ACTION . I need to tell myself what Dr. Bruce Lipton says, “It’s treatable, get out of the house.”

    — Repeal 1986 National Vaccine injury Compensation Act
    — Enact immediate Moratorium on ALL Vaccines Until All and the entire Vaccine Schedule is Safety Tested
    — End all Mandates and Restore Liability to all
    — Convict criminals at CDC, FDA, NIH for crimes against humanity
    — Eliminate Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
    — Use NIH and CDC & FDA patent Royalties to Compensate all Victims of the 35 Year Plague of Corruption

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