Annals of Covid-19: Jupiter turns Rx and “Future Proves Past” — George Carlin, Gabor Maté

Note: Q’s phrase, “future proves past” refers to prophecies that come true . . .

Though I would much rather focus on myriads of stunning transformative possibilities being unearthed within this astonishing Great Pause — which seems to extend further and further, two weeks by two weeks — into the future even as, over these past few days, three planets turn to back up over old ground.

Time to turn around, folks, and dig deeper into the roots of the current SPELL (for that is what it is) still gripping most “normies” while outliers everywhere are stirring so restlessly from their lairs that unless something changes, and soon, who knows what hell will break loose.

How in hell did we allow ourselves to get here?

How did I get here? Wearing a mask to protect others from their fear of me: three times: twice in grocery store, then yesterday, at Menards (or I wouldn’t have been allowed in).

How did you get here? Refusing to even lift your eyes from your masked interiority this morning as you silently veered past me and my little dog as I called out a cheerful hello?

Today, we in Bloomington, Indiana are waiting with bated breathe to see whether Monroe County really will join the rest of Indiana and begin to lift the two-month lockdown restrictions Saturday. That’s at 12:00 midnight, May 16.

Meanwhile, how far back is too far back to ponder during this planetary retrograde period inside this weird, unprecedented Twilight Zone? Thirty years ago (one Saturn cycle ago), George Carlin knew precisely how somnambulant Americans react when faced with a “threat” from inside their own bodies.

Actually, it’s not surprising, when you remember that “standardized” American Medical School training is part and parcel of the religion called “scientism”: the materialistic, positivistic, compartmentalized, analytic, linear-chained causal, reductionist, mind/body split World-View still being promoted as common sense obvious. Indeed the assumptions behind 3-D scientistic materialism constitute, even now, in 2020, the underlying weltanschauung hunkering in the shadows of the mass unconscious mind, forming the left-brained, logical, rational philosophical/psychological/sociological background of all that we think and say and do, dictating, moment by moment, what does and does not make sense — not just  in medical schools but chronically infecting the.twisting, knotted interstices of our ever sicker society.

The planet Jupiter which rules Sagittarius and governs world-views, philosophy, theology, religion, is the final planet of the three to turn retrograde, and yep, that is TODAY.

Jupiter is moving through Capricorn, the sign of tradition, order, structure, discipline, control —and it’s still conjunct both Pluto and Saturn, which ensures a deep Plutonian dive into the unconscious programmed (Saturn) fundamentalist scientism that seems to rule us all and yet  .  . . also seems to be finally dying on the vine, thanks to myriads of alt-media independent investigators who incessantly point to the constantly mutating, wrong, fake statistics, various competing theories of what a “virus” is, the fakery of the so-called tests, the virulence of all current vaccines (none of which have been judged “safe” since 1968, according to Dr. Judy Mikovits): not to mention pointing to the counterintuitive “rules” (masks, “shelter at home,””social distancing”) that slow down herd immunity while fostering fear, fury, loneliness and separation. All. this claptrap spewed out by the so-called expertise of the Fauci/Birx/Gates/NIH/WHO/UN/CDC behemoth utterly determined to entice  humanity to get and stay in F.E.A.R. so that its long buried life force (Pluto) can continue to be controlled (Saturn) as it falls headlong over the cliff into the centralized, hierarchical trap of the so-called long-wished-for, and very Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Capricornian “New. World. Order.”

Luckily, the Covid-19 spell, the CV-19 coup — it’s just not working any more. We the people are beginning to see through this particular matrix to a much larger beyond. And BTW:  Jupiter also rules fortune, luck, expansion, larger and larger perspectives!

In order to understand how we humans could be so suckered by the attempted Medical Mafia Global Coup, we need to consciously recognize the overall world-view that has held the western world in thrall since way before any of us were born.

Listen, for example, to at least the first 13 minutes of this very instructive video from April 2019 on the links between stress and disease, by rogue psychiatrist Dr. Gabor Maté, where he nails the “scientific” (scientistic) world-view that sets up both stress and dis-ease. I have  yet to listen to the rest of it, but I will, as his ideas obviously have much bearing on the F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) Big Medicine/Big Pharma plandemic psy-op which has held the entire world in mental/emotional/spiritual Saturn/Pluto bondage, ramping up since mid-January when the two planets conjuncted in late Capricorn. Yuck. Makes me want to throw up!

That humans can be so easily suckered by outside influences when they are

— not in attunement —

with their own wise, quivering, maligned bodies  i.e., 

their own personal portion of,

their own personal antenna for,

— our dear MOTHER EARTH.

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3 Responses to Annals of Covid-19: Jupiter turns Rx and “Future Proves Past” — George Carlin, Gabor Maté

  1. Laura Bruno says:

    I was just finishing up the Hermit portal when Jupiter turned Rx. Always some kind of precise astrological something with those paintings — even when I don’t consciously know it.

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    5/14/2020 Dr. Paul Cottrell –
    Dr. Cottrell’s site was demonetized and he’s justifiably upset.

    Viewable here

    I removed the many F-Bombs (his younger generation so commonly uses) and cut the length in half.

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