Three planets turn to go retrograde May 11-14

Hold on to your hats and prepare to back up. However far you’ve come to this point — especially regarding the most important matter, to last all this year, of working with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction pressing on us from mid-January on — is turning even more intense from now through the end of September.

Throughout this entire year, and especially since March 23, when Saturn moved into Aquarius, we are being tasked with  experimenting (Saturn in Aquarius) with ways to dissolve or reconfigure old Saturnine patterns and habits which have masked, restricted or even prevented the full flow of the Plutonian life force. That goes at every level: inside the self to fully re-experience and reprogram memories, between people (to penetrate and release the old stuck gunk you’ve kept under wraps) — not to mention inside organizations, institutions, governments, human-made structures at every lavel. So many filled with or identical to bad habits or patterns from the past; all these must be let go if we are to fully surrender to the death and rebirthing process that Pluto demands..

Saturn, with the longest cycle, has the longest retrograde period, this year from May 11, backing up into late Capricorn on July 2, then finally, on September 29th, turning to go direct at 25°02 Capricorn. Saturn will not complete whatever unfinished business this retrograde period signifies until the first few days of January 2021, when it finally moves over 1°57 Aquarius again, the degree upon which it turned, yesterday.

Note the still close conjunction between Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, upending and turning inside out all sorts of patterns.and structures, both visible and invisible, from micro to macro, which we have taken for granted, and are no longer viable.

Next to go retrograde is Venus, with the shortest cycle, and also the shortest retrograde period. Venus turns tomorrow, May 13, at 21°50 Gemini, and will back up to 5°20 Gemini on June 25 when it turns to go direct and will complete this process at the end of July, when it finally moves back over the 21° Gemini where it started to back up.

Venus in Gemini will focus on communication and transportation — clearing, working through, processing values of all kinds, including the “supply lines” called money — internal, relational— at all levels. What is spoiled, stuck? Unclear? Knotted? Tangled up? Time to get  sunlight on the situation.

Jupiter is the final planet of these three to go retrograde on May 14.

Jupiter, planet of expansion, luck, benevolence, generosity, largess, gambling, is in Capricorn, turning at 27°13 Capricorn, only three degrees from Pluto. This entire business of upending old habits and patterns is blown up into a much larger business thanks to Jupiter. Jupiter also brings the trillions of stimulus dollars, as well as a larger view, perspective, a sense of optimism and meaning overall, despite the evisceration of structures we have taken for granted.

Note also that this chart (they are all set for D.C.), has the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction on the descendant, bringing this astounding year’s individual, local, national, global transformation  into prominence. No wonder this particular week in May feels so portentous, regarding political events in D.C.

Jupiter will turn to go direct on September 13, at 17°24 Capricorn, and then finally enter Aquarius  on December 20, only one day ahead of the exact Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on 0°19 Aquarius December 21, the Winter Solstice. If there’s a feeling of culmination coming, this is the due date, when the baby will be born.

Notice I haven’t talked about Covid-19, the overall atmospheric gunk of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) that has infected the human collective mind ever since Saturn and Pluto came together. I’m just too damned tired of doing so. As is everyone else, it appears, increasingly.

Just know that the combination of these three planets is going to plunge humanity into a process where we begin, if we haven’t already, to recognize, deepen our comprehension, enlighten our awareness, and communicate all sorts of things which we blindly took for granted, or were totally unaware of, so much were they in the background — for far too long. And this is at every level.

I could tell you lots of personal stories, but I won’t here. It’s all too much. None of us escapes this collective karma, which operates within each of us, asking us to move back into personal sovereignty, feel the Plutonian life force coursing through our newly opened hearts, and express our newly revealed selves with LOVE into our chaotically changing world. Nothing stays as it was. All is in motion. Jarring changes from one day to.the next. And, I expect, we will look back on this particular week in May as an enormous game-changer. In just what ways, we are in the middle of finding out, and will be processing the meaning of, for many many months.



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2 Responses to Three planets turn to go retrograde May 11-14

  1. Nieman Steve says:

    Compelling analysis. People around me––sinking in no benefit of society retrograding (shifting back to where we were last year 2019 as a solution). Time for everyone to pitch in and start making changes we all know are necessary to support a loving, compassionate way of living. Looking the other way when injustice committed…we’ve all done that way too long. Now’s time to take action––acknowledge wrongs and work to correct them in context of others around us.

    Thanks for all the work building the natal charts for illustration. As difficult as recent events have been––compelling and dramatic time to be alive.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks for noting that it takes work to do a chart, having figured out the very minute when a planet turns . . . At least according to the program I use.

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