Yesterday’s Super Full Moon Released General Flynn — and Mars indicates more to come!

Yesterday’s Super Full Moon at 17°20 Scorpio/Taurus occurred at 6:45 AM. EST for Washington D.C.

Given my sense that the May Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon and the November Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon — both being deeply emotional — are the most hefty of all the Full Moons each year, and that this May Full Moon was also a Super Full Moon (i.e., appears bigger than the usual Full Moon), I was not at all surprised that this particular Full Moon proved extremely portentious.

And indeed, by the time the announcement came, not even eight hours later, that General Flynn had been exonerated, it was 2:26 PM the same day and the Moon had moved (at one degree every two hours) to 21° Scorpio, within orb of being square to Mars, at 26° Aquarius.

Not surprisingly, Scorpio emotions ran high and deep over those few hours and into the evening, as Moon continued to close in on and conjunct its square to Mars. And not only emotions, but actions (Mars)! Despite Schiff’s intransigence, yesterday evening the House Intelligence Committee Released all 53 interviews from the Russia Investigation.

(Okay anons. Time to dig in! Remeember, “We are the news now.”)

Furthermore, right around the same time as the Flynn announcement was made, the female hair salon owner in Texas who dared to open her salon in order to feed her children was released from prison, with both the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor contravening the judge that had sent her there. In fact the Lieutenant Governor said he would serve in her place if necessary, and that he personally would pay her $7000 fine!

Whew! Last night’s X-22 Report pointed out that this is how real leaders are supposed to act! YES! What a contrast from the dictatorial attitude of governors of New York, Michigan,  Oregon, and California!

I predict that over the next week, as both Sun and Mercury (moving approximately 1 degree per day) continue to close in on that 26° position of Mars in the Full Super Moon chart, we will see much more fallout from this Full Moon Flynn exoneration. After all, as everybody keeps point out, “Flynn knows where all the bodies are buried.” Just like Dr, Judy Mikovits is the string that pulls down the corruption in the academic/scientific world, it’s as if the Flynn exoneration is the pin, that when pulled, the entire world of deep state political corruption begins to crumble. Declass, Declass, Declass!

I, along with many others, have for many months been seeing the agonizing wait for the hoped-for Flynn exoneration as both the signal that A.G. Barr really does intend to return this Republic to “the rule of law” and as the key that turns the lock to open the door that moves us “from darkness to light.”

As Q, who has been posting mightily lately, admonished yesterday, after reposting this tweet:

Yep, and. “tomorrow” is . . . today! And the BOOMS are nowhere near done. My astrological prediction for these coming days parallels Q.

Hmmm. Does Q use astrology?

BTW: Next week will also feature the ignition of a powerful three-way turning back to go over and begin to absorb and integrate the bombshells that have been dropping, especially regarding the complex interwoven web of deep state corruption, since three planets will all turn to go retrograde within a three day period: Saturn on May 11, Venus on May 13, and Jupiter on May 14. More on what that might portend later.

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