ARKCroneCast updates for May 7, 2020: Fear’s Fascination (audio); Visiting my Personal Shadow during the Coronavirus Scare (video)

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CroneCast #24 | What is Fear? Part 2 | Fear’s Fascination

Description: Given that some fear fascinates us, keeps us keyed up, on edge, at odds with ourselves, we can make use of this type of fear to both help us plumb our own depths and to set our own natural direction —which is what I was learning how to do in one chapter from my book THIS VAST BEING: A Voyage through Grief and Exaltation — and, significantly, it is what millions of people have been doing internally during this Great (Plandemic) Pause.

So, now, I will call “What is FEAR” the video, Part 1, with this audio, “Fear’s Fascination: as Part II.


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CroneCast #17 | Visiting My Personal Shadow During CoronaVirus Scare

Description:  How does one’s “shadow” operate? Well, mine shows up not only in outward behavior, but also in the tone, rhythm and flow of the language in my written work. Looping back through decades I notice my own PRETENTIOUSNESS during 1974 when I was internally furious for being fired; and my own STRIDENCY IN 1983-85 when I was editor of a regional “peace activist” magazine. Underneath both these shadow qualities is both APOCALYPTIC thinking and an attitude of DESPERATION, based on FEAR. Wow. Sound familiar during this Corona panic? And of course, the solution is, it always is, letting go of mind, of ego, getting back in touch with the body, and with Earth’s body: thus, permaculture.

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