ARKCroneCast #22 for May 1: Another Free Public Video, FROM FEAR . . . TO FUN!

In last week’s CroneCast video I offered a public PSA delivering my perspective on the underlying issue that operates with the Covid-19 “pandemic.” This week I decided to balance the scales by offering another PSA video.

Here’s the description, up on Patreon, for anyone who wants to learn how to actually make Ann’s Chai Elixir the way I make it. Conceived this past January, as the Saturn/Pluto process began in earnest, I wanted to create a new daily ritual (Saturn), one that would deeply nourish my own (Plutonian) life force. And boy does it!

May 1, 2020

CroneCast #22 / FROM FEAR TO FUN PSA How to Make “Ann’s Chai Elixir”

I decided to post this PSA as a counter to last week’s PSA, “What Is FEAR,” as a way of balancing the scales. I’ve long had the motto, “If it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing,” and that goes for my new morning ritual, which I invented in early January, writing a blogpost, “A Saturn/Pluto Gift: Meet “Ann’s Chai Elixir” for That post detailed various nutritional and medicinal benefits of at least 15 different ingredients I put into each daily batch. Since then, I’ve refined the process so that it’s less time-consuming, by making three batches each time I do it.

One thing I forgot to mention in this video: when pouring the tea, make sure you use a strainer, and anything it catches just toss back into the pot. You can also put a little creamer in your mug or chill it served on ice on a hot day.

P.S. The impetus for the video came when Charisse, one of our Green Acres Village folks, said to me during last Monday’s garden work party, “I can no longer drink dark roast coffee, because it’s too acidic; so I switched to light roast.” Hmmm. I thought. Maybe I should tell her about my Chai Elixir! Then we decided to film it. Enjoy!


Attn: Patreon Subscribers: A new audio, Chapter 6 of Ten Tools for Transformation: QUESTIONING ASSUMPTIONS, will be on Patreon hopefully this evening..

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