I hereby retract my support of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

My friend Sylvia in Holland brought this to my attention last night. This morning I notice that it has also come to the attention of Katherine Austin Fitts on twitter as well. I notice a bit later, again on twitter, that it came to the attention of  Jordan Sather and Amazing Polly, both of whom say they had wondered if they should trust him in the first place. I did notice Shiva’s book on being the inventor of email always above his head for us to see, and that felt weird, narcissistic. But I just shrugged my shoulders and went on. (It turns out most people think Ray Tomlinson was the inventor of email. . .)

For my part, I will now go through all recent posts that laud or mention him and either delete or update them with this new information from RFK Jr.

Critical Attempts by Dr. Shiva to Splinter the Health Freedom Movement 

Sad to see this. It reminds me of other attempts to splinter other movements. You can never be too careful, or discerning. Shills proliferate. Clearly, I bought into what now appears to be a scam.

I did not see the videos where Shiva was trashing others. Too bad. Oh well

Here’s his twitter feed, with video showing Shiva vowing to destroy “Robbie” who, he says, thinks only his family can lead movements.


My gut tells me  to “go” with Kennedy on this one.





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2 Responses to I hereby retract my support of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

  1. Hi–I’m so glad of this realization. When I watched the video of a few days ago inner knowing and could sense that this isn’t the man. I had some shivers looking at his face.
    Thanks Ann.

  2. Hi! Check out FreedomTaker.com. Documents to refuse the vaccine.
    thanks, JoAnne D.

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