“COVID ACTION PLATFORM”: Is this the Pandora’s Box, the Holy Grail? DETAILS of the 50 year plan to bring in the NWO

If it is, then whoopee! We’re there. All we have to do is share this video widely to all the digital anons eager to investigate, dig down, take this fantastically complex scheme apart. As we do so, let us remember: each beautiful human being is utterly SOVEREIGN. As more and more of us wake up to how the bad guys have used the “Covid-19” as cover for the final phase of bringing in the NWO, we dismantle their diabolically intricate plan to lock us down forever and transmogrify our vibrant living ensouled beings into sterile, predictable, centrally controlled, AI-driven robots.

Whoopee! Thanks so much to Sylvia, a young mother and former neighbor, now back home in Holland, for the tip.

Who would have thought that one of the people with whom I took the Permaculture Design Course back in 2005-2006, and with whom I and one other then-Green Acres-neighbor collaborated on visioning a permaculture design for our neighborhood as our practicum for that life-changing course, would, fourteen years later, become one of my “research associates” now as we focus on helping to dismantle the top-down, hierarchical, decidedly anti-permacultural  “design” for the entire globe that the cabal has been scheming up for 50 years?

Yup folks, you just can’t make this up. What a fantastic time to be alive! And to think that so many of us agreed, pre-birth, to come in together and, when the time was ripe, to work together as one uplifted consciousness, one unified heart.  We, the 99%, those whom they formerly enslaved, rising up like seeds bursting their pods, thrusting up into the air, waving to one another, yes, YES! We’re here! We’ve come alive!

Never again will a small, dedicated group of pedophile, murderous, greedy billionaires be allowed to corrupt our beautiful planet and its peoples to the point where Earth just about decided to shake us all off and start over. Never. Never. Never. We’re here, we’re free. YES.

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2 Responses to “COVID ACTION PLATFORM”: Is this the Pandora’s Box, the Holy Grail? DETAILS of the 50 year plan to bring in the NWO

  1. Remi says:

    WOOOOOWZUHS! Went to website and it’s legit. Did not put email address in yet. Thanks so much for sharing this. I am certain it will be scrubbed just like the Dr. Erikson video. Love from Boise, Ann! ❤️

  2. Barbara says:

    Thank you. Have sent it out to those I know who might forward it. I’m realizing that I haven’t sussed all of the game, but I’m in for the outcome, which can only be FREEDOM. No more Atlantis… been there, done that, never again. Love from British Columbia. B.

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