Annals of Covid-19: Looking forward to May 1, and the EXTREME FERTILITY of Beltane

Yesterday afternoon I realized that May 1— “May Day! May Day!” — otherwise known in ancient times as Beltane, point of maximum fertility, midway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice,  also happens to be the date when all hell breaks loose, one way or another. Either the lockdown will lift, and we will begin to resume “normal” life, though altered, profoundly, or we will begin to fight back in earnest.

BTW: President Trump’s final, and abruptly truncated presser on Friday happened to coincide with the day the Sun conjuncted unpredictable Uranus. On May 1,  Mercury, planet of communication and transportation, will conjunct Uranus. Expect the unleashing of the pent-up energy

But before we go on, let’s check out this diagram and the video that accompanied it on fb, thanks to Dr. Shiva Ayaddurai, 


Jon Rappoport: Protests nationwide scheduled for May 1

But . . . protests may not be necessary.

Meanwhile, above all:

And if you have time to spare, this conversation between two California doctors is extremely instructive and points back to Dr. Shiva’s circular outline above. Here’s my main takeaway: both social distancing and being cooped up inside for prolonged periods not only weaken the immune system, but when we do get back together, there will likely be a ramp-up of disease. So my question is, then what? Do we repeat the folly, or will we have wised up.

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