Harvey Schlanger on what’s next for The Economy

Really appreciated X-22 Report’s Spotlight yesterday. Harvey Schlanger sums up pretty much what I had concluded, probably in part because I listen to Dave’s financial X-22 Report, and he tends to echo Harvey. Yes, I know, I’m in my own info silo. However, I do both strive to keep the top open and the walls flexible and permeable.

I keep saying and thinking, mostly because — thanks in part to the internet, this is the very first time in history that the entire human race KNOWS that it is going through the exact same experience all at the same time — that history is NOT going to repeat itself here. That we are not going to suffer through another Great Depression of 1929, despite what deep state actors of long-planned nefarious purpose, severely limited imagination, and the usual ramped up fear-mongering want us to think in order to dump Trump.

As President Trump keeps saying, there’s “pent-up demand.” But for what? We’ll see. You bet, nothing will return in exactly the same way. And questions never before even considered, are being asked. My question of a few weeks ago, “How to re-purpose a university?” no longer looks so outrageous as even gigantic Indiana University is forced to reassure students that :”Residential education will resume” — but when? No one knows. And meanwhile, check this out. Even before the plannedemic, the percentage attending the nation’s colleges and universities was down 11% over the past eight years!

Fewer Students Are Going to College — Here’s Why That Matters

Here’s Dave with Harvey Schlanger.


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