Excellent James Perloff Red-Pilled Covid-19 Compendium

Thank you so much James Perloff, for this long, detailed post.

His summation of the major interpretive and explanatory themes regarding what’s shut down the entire world for six weeks now seems pretty much exhaustive, and to be frank, reading through it left me utterly exhausted, and more aware than ever how the twists and turns and layers and theories and possibilities and total utter confusion of this unprecedented unfolding drama can drain the life blood from anyone trying to figure out what is really going on?

Only one caveat: I wish Perloff had gone on to pay much more attention to the signs of life that are beginning to bend the bars of our cage. When someone goes to such an effort as to detail what’s gone wrong, let’s also offer enough inspiration to balance the equation! So, please, will someone else step up to the plate and document our increasingly restive, even furious, fighting response to the official “guidelines” of the so-called pandemic? At least look at all the (non-social-distancing) crowds gathering in protest —  Minneapolis, Lansing, Dallas, Madison and many many others. At least pay attention to the small store people who say they’re going to open tomorrow no matter what: the hair salon in Texas, the tailor in New York. Others? Please! Will someone now compile a compendium of the massively proliferatng signs of resistance to the official lockdown line.

I can only imagine the cultural eruption when May 1 arrives. That’s six days from now, folks.



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