ARE WE AWAKE YET? Or are we too “sensitive” to admit and absorb the vast horrific underbelly of our so-called “civilization

It’s absolutely essential that we awaken to what has been done to us over thousands of years. There is no way we can awaken to the light within us without also recognizing that we have been living in the dark as to the real “currency” that has been running human affairs. As I put it in an editorial in Heartland, the peace magazine I co-founded way back in 1983:

Our goal is balance: male to female, right brain to left brain, facts to values, analysis of what is wrong to creation of what is right. Let’s enlarge and specify the meaning of the word “peace” to become more than a mere absence of war.


Did you know that Falun Gong (a physical/spiritual practice similar to chikung/taichi) was,  for seven years starting in 1992, a movement across all of China that helped fully 10% of its population to a more whole, healed, productive life? And that this movement was lauded even by the Chinese Communist government, many of whom were practitioners, as very good for its people? And that this uplifting and grounding, healing practice was then  suddenly, ruthlessly shut down in 1999 by a jealous Chinese leader? That since that time Falun Gong practitioners, as well as Muslims, Christians and Tibetans, have been herded into concentration camps, and especially Falon Gong members harvested for their organs? (Because their bodies are so strong). That forced organ harvesting in China is an enormous global business, that, in fact, it supplies the whole world? In other words, that the Medical Mafia makes huge profits on this import from China?

While I don’t want to make China China China the new “enemy” after Russia Russia Russia, it’s hard to absorb this kind of information, by a Falun Gong practitioner who has been following this unfolding tragedy for the past 17 years, without wondering about the supposed 20 million Chinese cell phones that suddenly went dead during this coronavirus event. At first, when I heard that, I scoffed. Not after listening to the first hour of this incredibly informative and utterly authentic video.

Speaking of “harvesting,” the inimitable Fred Burks of, has just sent to his email list an introduction to another horrifying video, Conspiracy of Silence, about child trafficking from Boys Town, Nebraska to Washington D.C. politicians with purpose of blackmail. This video corroborates the recent Out of Shadows, which, despite media blackout, garnered eight million views in its first eight days. Set to air on the Discovery Channel in 1994, the Nebraska film was pulled at the last minute.

Here’s how Fred introduces the video:


The Slumbering Giant Opens Its Eyes

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