Annals of Covid-19: Fauci, Rockefeller, Shiva — Van Gogh!

Please Note: On April 29, I retracted my support of Dr. Shiva.


Covid-19 notes, Saturday, April 25: Two days ago, Trump announced that indeed sunlight does destroy the virus — in fact, in 90 seconds! Yesterday, the day after this announcement, there were at least three times as many people going by the front of this house on foot as before. Yes! And today, on my walk with puppy Shadow, I noticed more and more people, except for young families, running, rather than walking, and very few with masks on.

We definitely are “coming alive,” after a long, forced hibernation.

I keep wondering about what others, forced to stop what they were doing, are doing! What are they thinking about? How many are deciding to change careers? How many marriages are either being saved or destroyed? How many, thanks to Napoleon-complexed Dr. Anthony Fauci (who wants Brad Pitt to portray him in his life story), have headed down rabbit holes of various kinds, especially those having to do with the tyranny of the medical mafia, how we have given our inherent individual power over to this and other “authorities”? I know one young woman who has decided to take a course in herbalism (online for now), and the very first class included information on how Rockefeller used the AMA to take over medical education, and in the process vilified all forms of holistic healing.

How Rockefeller Founded Big Pharma and Waged War on Natural Cures

Dr. Shiva Ayaddurai’s work in this same area is invaluable, showing how medical education has brainwashed idealistic young men and women to only practice “if-then” roboticized “western medicine,” under pain of losing their jobs and accreditation. A friend of mine’s son is a doctor. He tells his father: “Dad, if. you get sick, do not call your doctor, and do not go to the hospital. Instead, call me.” What? He refused to elaborate on this cryptic remark.

Meanwhile, Fauci (with Birx, front man for vaccine king Gates, the WHO, the CDC, on and on) still seems to rule. How much longer?

Meanwhile, here’s a wonderful little video for anyone seriously wondering what they are meant to do with their one wild and precious life.




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2 Responses to Annals of Covid-19: Fauci, Rockefeller, Shiva — Van Gogh!

  1. Barbara says:

    Thank you, Ann, for this post and the Van Gogh video. There was always a Van Gogh Sunflower picture in my parents’ house and now in my own. Starry Night was a huge influence on my awakening. And yes, the ‘masks’ are coming off. Love, B.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, they can put us down, but they can’t keep us down.Especially once we figure out the game they’re playing.

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