ARKCroneCast for April 22: Special Free Patreon Video: What Is FEAR?

ARKCroneCast is dedicated to weekly sharing how one 77-year-old crone creates meaning from consciously working with aspects of the looping time/space spiral of her long life. In other words, ARKCroneCast is predominantly personal in both content and tone.

However, given this extraordinary inflection point in human history, during what “authorities” (scientistic and political) label a “pandemic,” both triggered and continued by the hugely successful MSM media-driven psy-op designed to instill FEAR, I decided to go to the heart of the matter and review the phenomenon of FEAR from a widening angle of vision, starting with my own experience as a two year old child and ending with the present, ongoing, agonizing cultural conundrum that still has most of us spellbound.

In other words, please view this week’s offering as a PSA (Public Service Announcement). Hopefully, it will help bring needed perspective to the churning, murky, toxic atmosphere that blankets this planet, instills unnecessary suffering, and suffocates common sense.

What is FEAR?

I offer a brief, but wide-ranging contemplation on the origins, causes, location, varieties, uses and abuses of the all-too-human emotion we call “fear.” Beginning with my own childhood, and expanding eventually into the ongoing world-wide cultural miasm we are currently immersed in, I recognize that there are, in the final analysis, only two emotions: Fear and Love. Fear contracts. Love expands. Fear isolates. Love connects. In order to develop and maintain our own personal and collective health and well-being, each of us, moment by moment, must learn how to consciously choose Love over Fear.

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