OUT OF SHADOWS (Cultural/Personal): Mandate for this HIstoric Inflection Point on Planet Earth

Well, thanks to the brilliant documentary, Out of Shadows, it looks like the time of red-pilling the masses has indeed begun, and that those of us who have been researching the pedoworld (and worse) for years, or even decades, are now going to be called upon to help those who watched this film and find themselves, like two friends of mine, this morning, reaching out, via text:

“We just watched an hour film about the whole pedophilia trafficking, pizzagate, and the cia and mk ultra. I feel like I’m going to be sick — we both do. I am glad I know but what do we do now? We feel paralyzed”

These two friends are already highly aware of the Medical Tyranny that Fauci and Gates and Co., via lockdown into fear and economic collapse, are attempting to foist upon the whole world; but this other, even deeper level of swamp draining had largely passed them by, until now.

I called and talked with them for about 20 minutes, impressing on them that it’s important to realize that we are at the most critical inflection point in the history of humanity, given that human slavery and sacrifice have riddled this planet for, literally, thousands of years. In other words, rather than soothing them, I likely overwhelmed them further. On the other hand, since their research into Covid-19 had red-pilled them even further in the medical area, even as we spoke I could feel them opening their “eyes wide shut” WIDER AND WIDER. These two, inveterate and determined researchers already, can take it. I don’t have to treat them gingerly. They wondered whether they should recommend the film to their adult children (he has two, she has seven); I told them YES. That we must begin to at least acknowledge, in a very real way, the old cultural Shadow before we can authentically move into the Light of a brand new culture.

I also told them to begin further research like this:

First, read an extraordinary essay just published on sott.net by a friend of mine who has been following this blog for years, who I met personally when on a trip to California, and who has been commenting periodically the whole time. Tony has utilized this pause between worlds to grapple with his own personal Shadow. The result? A near-archetypal personal saga of emotional discovery and recovery, wave upon wave from his own oceanic depths crashing upon the shores of reality. Tony has managed to integrate his own personal findings with his own diligent, focused, and highly intelligent research over the years. A real tour de force!

The Right Perspective in Troubling Times

I agree. Tony Costa does have “the right perspective.” For the shadow (the swamp) lives in each of us. As we begin to explore what lies beneath our cultivated surface personas we uncover the source of our own raw buried creativity. The full expressiveness of our own ensouled nature that has lain dormant, hunkered below the denied and/or projected unconscious shadowy gunk of guilt and complicity; that enormous creative force is pressing up, now, from below, begging for release!

Jupiter conjuncts Pluto! As we plumb our own Plutonian depths, we uncover the springs of New Life.

As we uncover the Jupiterian fullness of what within us, we re-enter the world of others in a transformed way.

As Tony, normally introverted, concludes:



Then, via email, I reminded my friends of what we talked about on the phone. To begin further research:

Films re: pedophilia and worse:

Conspiracy of Silence (film on The Franklin Files)
The Finders
Eyes Wide Shut

Memoirs by MK Ultra Sex Slave victims:

Kathy O’Brien: Trance Formation of America
Brice Taylor: Thanks for the Memories

Then, wouldn’t you know, just this morning I  discovered this interview with two of the producers of Out of Shadows. Sent that along to these two friends as well. And will watch it myself, NOW.

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