STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF? Avalanche of Disclosure Pummels the World’s Underbelly

This is long . . .


How to keep up? How to even pretend to follow any one thread down any one disgusting rabbit hole of corruption? Always impossible, given that every single person occupies his or her own center of the infinitely expanding universe with his or her corresponding perceptual apparatus that is informed by a particular set of expectations based on prior experience, indoctrination, education, cultural/class/race/religious context, memory, etc. etc. etc., how are any of us truth-seekers to cope now? Now that the world has suddenly stopped, and an avalanche of disclosure pummels the world’s underbelly? And I’m sure there are plenty of us who would rather just get off!

As an elder in this alt-epistemological field, who has been investigating rabbit holes since the Kennedy assasination, knowing that something — what? what? was very OFF about what we are being told is what’s going on; as someone who read The Power Elite way back when, and Debt: The First 2000 Years, and whatever that book was on the Fed that demonstrated that it creates “money” out of thin air, and then lends “it” to other banks, due back with interest (it took a LONG time for me to wrap my head around this “fiat” money ponzi scam); as someone who read Kathy O’Brien’s book Trance Formation of America when it was first published in the mid-90s and then took another few years to let it fully into my system so I could decisively break with HIllary; as someone who then started pursuing other stories of other victims of mind-control MK Ultra brainwashing, Project Paperclip, Manchurian Candidates, etc. etc. etc., by the time the amazing documentary Out of Shadow came along a week or so ago (how many millions of views now?) I was so very grateful that this Hollywood stunt Man, Mike Smith, had actually managed to put together an extraordinarily lucid and informative documentary guaranteed to red-pill any normie who dares to watch it; as one who sees young female independent investigators like Corey Lynn, Amazing Polly, and Liz. Crokin step up to the plate in tracing all the myriads of webs of corruption that encircle and strangle this world many times over; as one who is deeply grateful to RFK, even after his granddaughter Maeve and great-grandson were likely killed (as a warning? in retaliation?)  for continuing to call out Fauci (and his sidekick Birx), Gates, the CDC, the WHO, etc., for what amounts to criminal malfeasance with absolutely no regard for millions of others affected by their supposedly wise decisions as to how to protect the public from stuff they churn out; as one who just this morning caught the first few minutes of a podcast featuring Judy Mikovitz, the ordeal she went through at the hands of Fauci . . . on and on and on . . .

What to do? Should I just bow out as too old, too far gone into my own decidedly jaundiced perspective on how the human race is being, as Roseanne said, just last night, “tricked”?

I began to listen to the interview, “Quarantine with Roseanne” (damn! can no longer locate it. It’s NOT the one with Norm MacDonald on April 6) and, after a few minutes could not continue. Not because I don’t see the merit of much of some of what she says, but because she seems to have allowed herself to be infected by the same virus of “hate” that she hysterically derides as coming from others. Sad.

A Personal Story

Two days ago, I went to my credit union on foot to deposit a bit of money. Was with puppy Shadow. We were on our walk and decided to just drop on by. Of course we couldn’t go in the lobby, but had to be in line outside, waiting with all the cars spewing gas fumes as we three pedestrians stood in line, six feet apart, waiting for the man who, I soon realized, was taking a very long time to do his business.

The day was cold; windy. I had not put a jacket on Shadow, and he was shivering, restless. On the walk he was fine, since was in motion. But just standing? Nope. He needed his jacket.

The other person, a woman in front of me, small, wispy-gray hair, skinny, probably waiting to deposit her check. She told me she lives alone. She is going through this ordeal alone. But she’s lucky; she still gets paid as a custodian for Indiana University, even though she only has to work one week out of three. She looked forlorn, sad, defeated. Scared of the unknown. I tried to cheer her up. Meanwhile, I was looking at the first person, a middle-aged black dude in a white mask, taking such a long time. I was in a hurry. My impatience started to rise.

But then, without thinking, my center of attention shifted to the inside of him, what he was going through. He had at least ten different transactions to make, at least ten different signatures required on ten different deposit or whatever slips the bank had whooshed out to him. And he had to do this while standing there, using the weird plastic tube as the surface for writing his signature, while trying to hold onto the messy mass of precious deposit slips flapping, threatening to get loose into the wind. Uhhh . . . So Hard! I calmed down. I felt for him, so thoroughly that I literally forgot myself. Impatience melted away. Even Shadow seemed to relax a bit.

Finally, he was done, and having not looked at either me or the other old woman even once during his prolonged transaction,  turned to us and said, apologetically, his voice breaking: “I’m so sorry!”

These are the moments I live for as I continue, minute by minute, to center myself in the middle of this unprecedented storm that has placed the entire world in its brazenly ruthless eye.


A few items that stood out for me over the past few days:

Gag. The title is all I need. And interesting: two rabbit holes especially interest me now: Covid-19/Fauci, etc. and the global scourge of child trafficking. In my mind, this news article links the two, since the WHO is part of the UN. I’d known about this, but the numbers are new.

UN Aid Workers Raped 60,000 People as Its Claimed Organization Employs 3300 Pedophiles

Thanks to Reader Rose for this one. Excruciating. And I looked up the tunnels under Las Vegas. They do exist. And “The Mole People” live down there.

This one is long. Haven’t watched it yet. Will I?

BTW: Praying Medic, on twitter, notes that hydroxychloroquine cleans the blood. So no wonder it’s a “cure” for Covid-19. And for others diseases as well ?



Thanks to Deborah and John for this one:

Mercola: Gates Leads Medical Tyranny Agenda


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