Re: Today’s “Stop the World” post: Here’s an alternative perspective

I didn’t feel comfortable with today’s other post, ending on a negative note, because, really, that is NOT where I’m at, despite my partial focus on  the corruption that is vomiting to the surface. Indeed, I personally feel mostly joyful! Full of energy! Or at least at peace. So here goes:

In last night’s post, X22 couches what’s happening now financially in optimistic terms, given his consistent  take on what Trump is doing.

Bombard agrees, says that Trump’s body language, when asked about the fact that the price of oil went negative yesterday, was relaxed and almost playful.



I really appreciate both Magenta Pixie, and Simon Parkes. So here goes:

Connecting Consciousness — Simon Parks with Magenta Pixie — Steps to Ascension



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5 Responses to Re: Today’s “Stop the World” post: Here’s an alternative perspective

  1. 4/21/2020 We are experiencing Evolutionary Catalyst.
    Insights into our presence on Earth
    This new reading is from books written by Delores Cannon (all of which I’ve read) in the 1980’s. Significantly the deep somnambulistic trance journey of the subject, matches experiences of Remote Viewers today. Your consciouness adapts to the size needed to fit. Entering the sub-quantum, then atomic, then molecular, what humans perceive as animate and the inanimate, stars, trees, rocks, ocean, all the way up to humanoid, the consciousness resizes perspectives as needed. I love the quote, Delores asks, “Did you learn anything?” The client responds, “No. Nothing to learn, just experience. It’s all about experience; just being.”

  2. firegirl says:

    I’m curious: What are Trump and the Patriots “dripping out and declassifying”? And where can we find the evidence/proof of whatever it is? (I’m also curious, who is Q, really? And how long will Q continue to hide his/her/their true identity?)

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Oh. geez, you’re going to have to ask someone else about just what has been dripped out and declassified. I can’t go backwards and search for all the stuff that IS there, whether on my site or others. Especially watch how Bill Barr speaks whenever he’s interviewed. Re: Q. His/her/they identity has not been announced. But clearly close. to the administration. Trump is known as Q+, who once in a while will also post on the Q board. Check out Joe M’s The Plan to Save the World (remastered)

  3. Hi-Was wondering what happened to the video by Laura Eisenhower?

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