Max Igan: “Covid-19 is BULLSHIT!”; Dr. Judy Mikovitz: “The evil of this man Tony Fauci”

Love the way Max Igan cuts right to the chase. Have only listened to the first 20 minutes so far, but it’s plenty to confirm my first instincts on this unprecedented global psy-op to instill so much fear that it snaps into top down control.

As he says: “I’m not going to comply (with a vaccine). They’ll have to murder me.”

Even some who are otherwise not yet red-pilled in just about any way agree with this assessment. Might the push for a “vaccine” be the tipping point to the guarantee of individual sovereignty and the death of the NWO?

Are we in control of our own bodies or not?

Since Max and I have both lived “on the edge” of the dominant culture most of our lives, it’s no wonder we tend to think alike. (Actually, Max is way ahead of me. I only woke up in my mid-20s. He was  “out there” even as a little kid.)

BTW: A friend has just pointed me to  Judy Mikowitz, who has the goods on Fauci. #FireFauci. Yuck. Watch at least from 41-44 on this video:

Partial transcription: “In that meeting Francis Collins ordered Tony Fauci to fund and direct a large confirmatory or replication study which Ian Lipkin would lead at Columbia University. Well, they were not about to let that study happen using real patients that fit the criteria we used, except one of those cohorts. Tony Fauci forbade me, put an order out that if I stepped foot in Frank Rossetti’s(sp) lab, where I worked for almost 22 years at the National Cancer Institute, in Frederick Maryland in Fort Detrick, if I came into the lab to do that study I would be arrested. And yet there was a figurative and literal gun to my head that if I didn’t agree that the study was fair, and I did the whole study, they would never go look for the viruses again. We got the positives, we got the right answers in that group, in that patient population, from Stanford. Tony Fauci stopped the study and said “time to stop wasting the governments money.” And they applied statistics to the program, called the teacup statistics and that’s beyond comprehension of the stupidity and the evil of this man Tony Fauci. He was never going to allow the realization that vaccines cause cancer. That vaccines cause autism. That vaccines cause MECFS. That vaccines cause the evolution of more and more virulent strains of cancer-causing virus’s that they are directly injecting into infants and old people. This is a big cover-up of the bigger problem! We described infectious and transmissible cancer and Tony Fauci made it all go away!” —Judy Mikovits

And see this:

More Dr. Fauci Nonsense: Social Distancing (Lock-down) Will Continue Until New Coronavirus Cases Cease….

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5 Responses to Max Igan: “Covid-19 is BULLSHIT!”; Dr. Judy Mikovitz: “The evil of this man Tony Fauci”

  1. I thought the covid-19 was bullshit too; until my daughter in California came down
    with it and 2 of her friends; they go to school together. All 3 of them still sick after two and one half weeks. Apparently one of her friends had just gotten off a flight from
    Germany and then went to class. My daughter is 43. It is and continues to be very
    hard on her; and she was very healthy. So, no I no longer think it is BS.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Hmmm . . . but is it really “covid-19”? On the other hand, several people I know came down with a mysterious fluish set of symptoms way back in December, including dry cough, etc.m, that was very hard to shake off, and this was in December. And I read somewhere that the “covid-19” has been around since I think it was November. So who knows? Interesting. Thanks, Joanne.

  2. firegirl says:

    The virus is real and new to human biological defense systems; I think we need to accept that. Death rates may be conflated with other flu/pneumonia cases but yes, people are dying of Covid-19. A vaccine is NOT the solution—we need better treatment, and most importantly, prevention. Excluding those with compromised lung function, the majority (not all) of Covid-19 deaths are in people with Metabolic Syndrome, a lifestyle disease that is completely reversible through lifestyle & dietary interventions. Curable. Meanwhile, the entire government—red and blue, including President Trump and VP Pence—is pushing for the vaccine, as well as Contact Tracing and “Asymptomatic Sentinel Surveillance”, which altogether amount to a full-on surveillance state, medical martial law and another nail in the coffin of democracy.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Wonderful comment. Agree with most of it. Can’t help but feel that Trump is limited by his world-view, and that if he would somehow drop into a larger than allopathic way of understanding health and disease, he would be in an entirely other place re: this situation. It’s obvious that he’s suspicious of the official line; but that’s not enough; he’s got. to change his entire set of assumptions. Which is why I wish he’d fire Fauci and bring someone like Shiva Ayaddurai into the mix.

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