Astrology of this just-past inflection point: Sun in Aries square Jupiter/Pluto

I refer to the astrology of this past week which began to wane yesterday, during which everything turned, and the Sun in Aries squared the still nearly-exact Jupiter/Pluto conjunction at 24°-25° Capricorn, We can feel it; how the Sun’s glow within our hearts illumined/ignited a swelling sense of well-being (Jupiter); truly an unlimited capacity (Jupiter/Pluto) sensed and beginning to rise up among those who have been “doing their inner work” (looking at their own heretofore hidden Plutonian gunk) during this strange. and prolonged pause between worlds; this unprecedented world-wide sabbatical interrupting the old “normal” and heralding whatever is yet to come. And we know, we know damn well, that whatever it is, the New Normal will take some time to materialize, and that the interim will. likely be at least somewhat chaotic.

Meanwhile, we are not done with Jupiter/Pluto. These two planets, which come together every 13 years, this conjunction, now in structural Capricorn, that marries generosity and enormity with the primal life force of death and rebirth, will occur twice more in 2020. So buckle up!

• Late June through early July.

• The first three weeks of November.

Let us pray that we continue to rise to the occasion. Let us pray that we humans will continue to strip off the egocentric, separative masks that have held us in bondage to slave-like civilizational structures that have outlived their usefulness, even for the slave-drivers who depend on them. Let us dig down (Pluto) to uncover our full (Jupiter) capacity (Pluto) and roar into the enormous (Jupiter) business (Capricorn) of transforming (Pluto) our place upon this beautiful Earth to recognize, fully honor, and regenerate all of Life as SACRED.

More and more I am seeing phrases like “This is the greatest infliction point in the history of humanity.” And it may well be! Has there ever been another time when the entire world united in feeling — first, thanks to. mainstream media lackeys of the deep state, in F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), and now more and more, of anger, frustration, vitality! — as we stomp out our need to get back to work! Which means, get out of our little holes, come up for air, breathe, and ACT.

What is YOUR real work? What is it that you, as a unique, irreplaceable individual, are meant to be doing? The work which, if you don’t do it, there will be a hole in the fabric of being? Begin now. There is no time to lose.

Over the last two weeks I have been spraying a bunch of little seeds into life, keeping them covered otherwise. Along with getting out my “Ann’s Chai Elixir” tray in the morning, I lift their covers, and spray them, and yes, over the days when the Sun squared Jupiter/Pluto, my carefully nurtured seeds sprouted tiny plants! 

You simply cannot grok how much I am enjoying this little morning ceremony, I mean HUGELY (Jupiter); the fact that while the whole human race was on some kind of weird lockdown, I knew that these precious little living beings would come up; that, no matter what humans try to do to each other and to her, Nature is in charge. That it is spring in the northern hemisphere, when the days are getting longer, and the Sun, even when covered with clouds, and even for tiny Forget-Me-Not seeds stuck inside this house (so I would not forget to spray them twice a day), and so they would stay warm, and even with dirty windows and a greenhouse on the other side of the windows between them and the Sun — even so, the mighty Sun coaxed them forth from their darkness through the dull greyness, and now today, a sunny day, I am happy to announce that every single one of them made it! (Or maybe all but one. Hard to distinguish seed from perlite in one of the tiny boxes.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading J. Krishnamurti, thanks to dear old friend Judy, still in Idaho, where I used to live, who got her degree here in Bloomington at IU, and who has been sending me her treasures one by one as she begins to let go of her life. She sends me a little care package (actually, her loving husband and son, who are caring for her in the advanced stages of Parkinsons, send it), and I call her, to speak for only a few minutes each time she sends one.

As we begin to let go of this latest assault on human sensibilities, as we begin to wake up to who we really are, here’s Krishamurti, cheering us on in our brand new beginning. After discussing especially those in his culture who believe in reincarnation, he says:

Incarnate today, afresh — not in the next life! Change it now completely, change with great passion, let the mind strip itself of everything it thinks is “right” — empty it. Then you will know what dying means; and then you will know what love is. For love is not something of the past, of. thought, of culture; it is not pleasure. A mind that has understood the whole movement of thought becomes extraordinarily quiet, absolutely silent. That silence is the beginning of the new. — from The Impossible Question, Judy’s aged, dog-eared paperback, p. 65..


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