ARKCroneCast Update #20, for Wednesday, April 15 (late again): DREAMS AS A DIALOGUE WITH THE SOUL

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CroneCast #20 || Chapter 5, Ten Tools for Transformation

Dreams as a Dialogue with the Soul

I have long paid attention to my dreams, given that they come from the depths of the unconscious mind, which knows way more than “I” do. But of course, to interpret them and their symbology is another matter altogether, and what guidance I receive from dreams depends on my understanding of my own symbol system, which became more clear as time went on. In this chapter I attempt to give perspectives on what was going on in my waking life that would make a certain sort of dream necessary either in order to help me recognize the natural direction of my own soul’s unfolding in this life and/or to return to balance, healing, wholeness.


We’re finally back on track and appreciate your patience while Gabby was dealing with technical issues. Since MY SECRET LIFE: TEN TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMATION is to end up as an “audio book,” we want the offering to be as professional as possible. (Unlike videos, which can be more spontaneous.)


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CroneCast #16||Chapter 3, Ten Tools for Transformation


I’ve noticed that the word “processing,” over the past few years, has come into the vernacular, to describe the act of consciously working on, or even better, chewing on,  some slice of experience which in one way or another stands out from the usual flow of daily life. Way back when I started “processing,” it was always with a female friend, and in fact, I see processing as one of the roots of the second wave of feminism, back in the late 1960s.

I notice that at this point in our collective journey, the word “processing” is still used to indicate “thinking through” something, trying to come to terms with it; but. now at least as often as not, solo! Not sure whether this is one clue to how separate, even isolated, so many people feel now, or whether it just means we all know how to do it! Well, not all. Some people never do “process;” they just take life as it comes. On the other hand, even some men now “process,” and the more advanced among them might even do it with another male friend! In any case, the word is still used to indicate “thinking through” something, trying to come to terms with it, either solo or in dialogue with another. The question is always why? Why does this (encounter, dream, event, etc.) feel so weird, icky, strange, odd, uncomfortable etc. How to come to terms with it?  This chapter documents my journey with “processing,” starting in high school, with my friend Mary.

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