IS THIS THE END-GAME? And are we waking up en masse, in time?

Note: See next post (will put up later today) for numerous strong signs that yes, indeed, we are in the throes of The Great Awakening.

I hesitate to post this X-22 Report Spotlight, since it’s just way too much for just about anyone to absorb or understand, certainly in one listening, and perhaps in many many more. I can feel the desperation and integrity in this man’s voice, Parsa’s desire to put it all out there for everyone to pick up on, his own view of the big picture,”linking AI to China, to 5G, to genocide, to Deep State, to mind control, to tech titans, to transhumanism, to cell phones — all this and more to what. he calls “stages” (I think he said, or was it “waves” ) of extinction —on and on, his thinking much more complex and integrated than I am capable of following, especially since Parsa talks so quickly and with. such.passion, as if he will be cut off at any moment, and probably has been, many times. He notes that X-22 Report, SGT Report, Red Pill 78 are the alternative media that have decided to interview him. Furthermore, he says, he was able to contact the White House, which was blown away by his perspective, and guess what? Parsa says Trump KNOWS (which is why he forbid Huawei from entering this country).

At the very end of the interview (which was more like a monologue, with lots of apologies for talking so much, and for disturbing people, and yet with full (and welcome) permission from X-22’s Dave, who was obviously as blown away as anyone who listens to this astonishing overview of what happens when humankind allows constant “progress” in the the “latest” technology to take over.

At the very end, Parsa implores us to support President Trump, who he says, despite continuous and horrifying negativity coming at him from all directions, stands between all of humanity and the AI takeover. And above all, he says, let go of FEAR. Be FEARLESS, and take action.

Clearly, a great battle for the return of human — individual, local, bioregional, and national — SOVEREIGNTY is, even now, being waged on all fronts.

Parsa’s last remark reminds me of something someone who supposedly channels Archangel Michael said: 

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4 Responses to IS THIS THE END-GAME? And are we waking up en masse, in time?

  1. Lisaclanoflemom says:

    Thank you for continuing to help humanity

  2. Yes! Thank you! So much help and information.
    My Question is: They always say ‘take action’—–HOW?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Great question. When I wrote. those words down I knew someone would ask it. My suggestion: What lies directly in front of YOU, with your specific set of talents, skills, and experience, to do? Something that maybe has been nagging at you for awhile, and makes you a bit nervous. Because you’re worried you’ll fail, or others will ridicule you, or whatever is the conditioning that you received as a child to keep you from following, second by second, choice by choice, your own soul’s call. Just take the first baby step. The universe will begin to rearrange itself to flow with you if your intent is.both strong and steady. And to get there, make sure you continuously center yourself. YOU are the center of your universe, as we all are. The universe is thus incomprehensibly VAST, MYSTERIOUS, and POWERFUL.Just like you! ood luck!

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