As Promised, A Few Signs of New Life . . .

As promised . . .

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Okay, first, note to self:  Please  “clear the mind,” and “heal,” as Q says, in today’s Q post:

BTW:  Q pointed out yesterday in drop #3969 that this seemingly official alternative communication channel began three years ago, October 28, 2017, the very same day that Durham was hired by the Justice Department.

Next, let’s note that more and more big picture overviews are appearing from various people who have been doing their citizen investigator journalist job of digging down into what’s really been going on underneath what the mainstream news and politics-as-usual want us to know. I point out Farsa this morning. Here’s another one, who goes by the name of Petrus, and focuses on some of the same material uncovered by the very recent Out of the Shadows documentary that, I presume, is still red-pilling millions of new stay-at-home viewers day by day.

From Dark to Light: Ending the Elite Victimization of Children

This new Petrus overview looks into not just what’s wrong, but about what’s beginning to go right in terms of DUMB tunnels being blasted shut and/or cleared of captured slave children periodically tortured to provide adrenochrome to Hollywood and other elites, etc. And though the news about the tunnels  has not “gone mainstream” yet, it’s only a matter of time, given Epstein, Weinstein, and Hanx, among others. (Caveat; I see no. sources in this overview.)

Meanwhile, this researcher also distinguishes between “light workers” (those who focus on consciousness, shifting humanity to higher frequency, through meditation) and “light warriors,” who are more actively working in the outer world to right the many wrongs which have been perpetuated upon humanity for thousands of years.

A special topic, you might say, is all those who are using the “free time” opened by the “Stay in Place” lockdown to either read about and/or do their own investigations into just what the fuck is going on with this particular “virus,” if indeed it is one, just why and how and when it was chosen to lock humanity down indefinitely while pumping fear into the air with every broadcast. Fewer and fewer are biting the fear porn pill. More and more are beginning to refuse orders to stay inside, to not meet in crowds, etc.

And speaking of “the virus,” there are lots of docs and virologists and other experts who are weighing in, including those who see the virus as an “exosome,” produced by cells to defend themselves against toxicity. (This way of viewing viruses includes Rudolf Steiner.)

Another special topic: Anthony Fauci (#FireFauci). RFK has published his. view of this man, saying “he has poisoned an entire generation.”

Item: just yesterday, the unusually draconian orders from the odd-faced Michigan governor (What Can’t buy either. seeds or American flags?!?) inspired hundreds of cars and other vehicles to meet in Lansing in a gigantic #gridlock, many of them getting out of their cars, and half-turning the protest into a Trump rally with signs.

Item: Ohio protestor: “The virus is less of a danger than our rights being stripped.”

More and more pent-up energy from being so long locked down is spilling over, the word  NO NO NO heard and seen more and more. Fear has mutated into anger, a good sign in the sense of paralysis of fear overcome, but a worrisome sign in the case of possible outbreaks of violence leading to civil war. None of us need that. Thanks, anyway. More and more of us realize this would be one sure way to morph into a police state.

I haven’t seen this entire Corbett report yet, but he addresses some these protests, which he says are “happening all across the globe.” These are not, of course, getting into the mainstream media, still frothing at the mouth in Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The enormous Trump rallies of pre-CV days have been replaced with the daily White House pressers, right around dinnertime, when cooped up people who used to frequent bars and restaurants daily have been either continuing their old ways via “take-out” or “ordering in” or else, gasp, actually starting to learn how to cook!

And yes, Trump’s hair during the presser was actually grey yesterday, rather than orange. I thought: geez, is he going. to take off that particular mask? But no. Today his hair was blonde . . . Wondering: are these hair changes signals of another kind? Likewise, Dr. Birx eye blinks and scarves. Not to mention Hannity’s “punisher” pin. So much do, especially those who truly are just “stuck inside”  — unlike us busy urban farmers in our little Green Acres Permaculture Village —wonder about the symbology behind just about every little weird thing these days, except for walking or biking, or hiking, and guess what?

Various cities are now making various streets car-free officially! Hmmm . . . will this idea take hold. One city (which one, can’t remember, has made I think it said 76 miles of city streets car free (unless you’re going in or out of your driveway to go get “essential” supplies). So that’s particularly good news!

Oh yeah, and I saw somewhere that fully 50% of those who are now working at home, prefer to stay there when things go back to “normal.” Big question: but will they?

Those not still caught in media “voice to skull” technology of  F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) are, besides getting furious. at the continuing confinement, also beginning to actrually look at their lives as a whole, and to wonder about priorities, values! — actually ask questions which, in some cases, is going to lead to decided changes in either direction, lifestyle, or both.

Oh, and guess what? Not too long ago the Pope decided that it’s okay to go to confession without a priest. That you don’t, after all, need an intermediary to speak to God. Really? But won’t this end up eroding the entire purpose of the Catholic Church? (Answer: yep.) And BTW;, a twitter post yesterday showed the Pope apparently disappearing from a window at the Vatican. Huh? Hologram?

Everything we took for granted is up for grabs. Can you believe? The structures of. the world (set by Saturn, covering Pluto), are dissolving in front of our very eyes. We are no longer “drinking the (mind-controlled) Kool-Aid.”

BTW: I carry a mask with me, just in case someone objects. Have yet to try it on, much less wear it.

I end with two photos from “Young man locked down with old lady” this morning.

In the first, Dan samples his new, “mmmm, crunchy!” sauerkraut, made with halapeno pepper.

And in the second, Ann accidentally spills the “basket with a thousand lids” down the basement stairs, in an unending, cascading clatter. Yeah, we laughed long and hard — before I climbed down to pick them all up.

The stairs are filthy! We agreed to wash each. lid before using it.

Then I swept the stairs.



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  1. Clare says:

    Oh Ann I laughed so hard this morning reading you. Thanks. From Australia 💖💖💃

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