Signs of Sanity’s Return — AND WAY, WAY, MORE . . .

President Trump’s decision at yesterday’s presser to halt all funding to the W.H.O pending investigation was literally the only thing on my twitter feed for a few hours afterwards.


A number of twitterers agreed that the U.N. should be the next to take down. And, several noted: how about this, the vacant U.N. building transformed into the Trump Presidential Library five years from now? Great idea!

It’s clear now, that Fauci , for one, is in the spotlight for ridiculous predictive models that wildly overestimated the number of Covid-19 cases. For example:

Makes me wonder: will people finally wake up to the fact that “THE MAP IS NEVER THE TERRITORY”? Or an even better formulation: THE MENU IS NOT THE MEAL”? And will they apply this newly won understanding of how our human constructs can only pretend to be identical with reality? And will they then begin to look at Climate Change Models with the same newly jaundiced eye?: Let’s hope so.

But let’s continue with the CV fiasco, because  it gets even better::

U.S. Surgeon General dumps Gates’ Predictive Model, Works with Real Data

And guess what? Yep, the two people who walked into the Oval Office to tell President Trump that the CV would kill 2.2 million people were Fauci and Birx. Are we surprised?



Meanwhile, this morning I read that the amazing Out of the Shadows documentary has now received 5.4 million views in four days. Can you imagine the shock, as formerly ignorant people, sitting at home,  stranded from “real life,” finally wake up to what is actually going on? The horrific, nearly unimakginable “fuel” that feeds the underbelly of our so-called “civilization”?

Remember, Trump mentioned this just the other day.

Here’s another one. Fortify yourself before watching, please. Of course, none of us like to learn about this  But we must, if we wish to transform our world.

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