Happy Easter to EVERYONE — Christian, Pagan, Jewish, Islamic, HIndu, Buddhist, or whatever! WWG1WGA

In case you’re not yet aware of Q, WWG1WGA means Where We Go One We Go All.

Meanwhile, during this intensely fertile spring growth that lives below the currently stuck human project, our six chilckens are producing six to eight eggs per day.


Meanwhile, it’s good to remember the pagan origins of Easter.

Pagan Origins of Easter — and how I got kicked off the radio

And let’s realize that though the word “pagan” has turned into an insult (much like “crone”), in reality it refers to those who worship Nature whether in a polytheistic or pantheistic sense. Not surprisingly, this tradition is associated with rural folk, those who live close to Nature. If labels must be applied, then I consider myself more Pagan — in direct contact with the Divine, through immersion in Nature and her laws.

Remember: Cathedrals were and are often built on sites where holy springs existed.

Remember: the idea of a god that dies and is resurrected in spring predates Christianity.

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