Are you like me? No longer able to watch movies, or any entertainment “programming”?

For me it began with Kevin Spacey. I noticed that his evil character in House of Cards felt like the real person — and ramped up from there.

This new, and extremely well done documentary, Out of Shadows,  lifts the veil on the CIA’s infiltration of Hollywood, to control the minds of the public.

So grateful that investigative journalist Liz Crokin, the first to focus almost obsessively on child sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse, has now been vindicated.

Grateful that this film is now “going viral,” in what may be the ultimate red-pill.

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3 Responses to Are you like me? No longer able to watch movies, or any entertainment “programming”?

  1. Can’t watch tv, can’t watch movies, intensely dislike seeing or listening to celebrities yap,
    Can’t leaf through typical magazines at Dr offices and see Hollywood garbage. My world has shrunk considerably and is still doing so. I no longer am able to fit in and feel comfortable. Life has changed but then it was time, it had to…It’s not easy….VK

  2. I have also been for years like Visionkeeper. Totally understand no tv, no movies, yapping celebrities; and yes no magazines in Drs. offices, hate commercial places like
    car dealerships, airports, etc. It has been YEARS of this–but there has never been any
    ‘going back’. It just isn’t there. Haven’t fit in forever. YES life changed and it was time.

  3. Barbara says:

    Thank you for posting this video. I almost didn’t watch it, but then realized that, just as was mentioned in the film, I was hiding behind ‘the barrier’ of not wanting to believe that what Liz Crokin was saying, along with so many other brave souls, was true and so it was time for me to truly take the red pill, when I thought I already had. I remember seeing the movie ‘Bambi’ and how traumatized I was and being told that I had a vivid imagination, yet I still continued to be traumatized by Disney movies. And here we are so many years later, at long last having the truth revealed. The shock will be huge, but may the genuine goodness of people soon take the lead. Love, B.

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