Reflections on Quarantine: Though Our Borders Are Closed, Our Compassion Is Unbounded

We are reaching what I sense to be the finale of this unprecedented and extended period of reflection that has locked all of humanity down inside our troubled selves. Whatever lies in darkness within, is sure to bubble to the surface. How each of us works with our own shadow will, in the aggregate,  determine the direction of the next phase of living on this beautiful Earth.

Good Friday is past. We are in the liminal period before Resurrection. The more consciously we face, embrace, and integrate the denied aspects of ourselves, the more significant will be our rebirth as a species.

President Trump mentioned again yesterday, the current massive military operation in concert with “24 other nations” to scour this earth of the “ancient” phenomenon of “human trafficking, especially of females,: which he notes, “is worse than ever, thanks to the internet.” Anyone who has permanently seared his or her soul with images of horror produced by what we are learning about this seamy underbelly of the scaffolding of humanity’s presence on this planet cannot help but be longing now, for relief, release. When are the tunnels going to be cleared? Are they being cleared? What are the two ships Mercy and Compassion, for?

Meanwhile, my heart aches for all the abused children who are not (yet?) trafficked, but instead quarantined in toxic parental homes; these for whom going to school offered daily relief from horror. Nor can I forget all the children who are isolated from personal contact with their friends.

The soul-searching that this unprecedented “break” from the frenetic busyness of 21st century life does feel rather like what I imagine to be an extended period in prison.

So it was no surprise to me that the latest Fred Burks missive contained this beautiful video which, frankly, had me in tears within the first 60 seconds.

Here’s an essay that captures much of what I imagine many others are going through internally:





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  1. 4-11-2020 Moot Court: The People vs CV-19, You Are The Jury. The alternative media research I do, follow some pretty smart people seemingly working in good faith for the greater good, that pull in lots of medical research that indicates we are in a bio-warfare event. This in itself is a tremendously strong likelihood not an accepted fact – yet, although I’m now convinced the chances it is not a Bioweapon is about 1 out of 10^100th power (just start doing the math).

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