THE GREAT UNRAVELING: of the “Pandemic” Psy-Op designed to use Fear to Control

Actually, there are now so many signs that THIS  downward slope — of the official narrative — is beginning . . . but let me just mention a few.

First, an astute blogger friend sent me this just now. It fingers all the top perps rolled into one”Invisible Enemy” ball, and makes me wonder if BG (Bill Gates) is the first to be arrested.

Meanwhile, a new video by David Icke is making the rounds, to great reviews. I watched the first 15 minutes or so. He says he spent a month studying virology, and his reasoning and conclusions, especially re: the “tests”, remind me of Jon Rappoport. Also he maintains, along with Dr. Thomas Cowan? (I think it was him, can’t remember), that a “virus” is actually an “exosome, released by a toxic cell in order to cleanse it. In other words, viruses are created by the human body in order to heal. True? To me, the biggest problem seems to be the weaponization of scientism to make us beLIEve whatever “they” decide to say, as the ultimate “authority.” Oh?

Here’s another, similar perspective:

Russian Military Intelligence Agent on COVID-19: “It may turn out that the world has been deceived”

I’m in awe of Robert Kennday Jr., who continues to speak out against the rush to vaccines, despite his granddaughter and great grandson having just drowned in suspicious circumstances. Were their deaths a deep state warning to him? Was she, who worked for  globalist deep state institutions, about to reveal what she knew? What’s going on?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Vaccines are Strategic Philanthropy for Bill Gates to achieve dictatorial control over global health policy.

Oops! Didn’t mean to post this already. Okay, will update. . . .


I did want to include this report, which states that the annual death rate (of all “causes”) in the U.S. actually went down 15% this March.

Just for knowing, TOTAL US DEATHS in March 2020 are DOWN 15% from Average of Prior Four Years

Hmmmm . . . if true, this alone is a total bombshell.




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