ARKCroneCast News for April 8: “The Second Half of Any Cycle”

Sorry! I missed this from Gabby yesterday, so here it is today. Again, there is a delay, while we address software issues. Bear with us, please! Thanks.


“A new audio book offering will be available to Patrons next week. I need additional time to insure new software works properly for HD recording since they’ll be made available for download at a later date. Thanks for your patience!” — Gabrielle

Here’s the public offering for this week: CroneCast #15 | The Second Half of Any Cycle
Now on Youtube:
And Patreon:

In this video I illustrate the felt quality within the circular/cyclical nature of Time by reviewing cycles of various lengths, focusing on the experience of the second half of any cycle as compared to that of the first half. Examples: the two year Mars cycle of “hot sex” in relationship; the aging process as illustrated through the three 30-year Saturn cycles; the second half of any strong, primary relationship cycle of any length; and the second half of the Saturn/Pluto cycle as experienced by the U.S.A. I then look more closely at my own Recapitulation Project wherein, at the age of 77, I am pondering the immense treasury of journals and essays that I generated over 50 years — only to discover that I began this Recap Project when Saturn had reached the opposition to itself, thus beginning the second (and closing) half of my own third cycle of Saturn.

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