BTW: That’s our favorite eugenicist/globalist/vaccineist/depopulationist, BILL GATES, who appears to be “calling the shots.” Is he?

In 2017 President Trump wanted to have Robert Kennedy Jr. head up a committee to oversee vaccines. Gates, supposedly, convinced him not to.

Meanwhile, those ventilators may actually be killing the patients.

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  1. Summary of evidence trail ongoing COVID 19 investigation George Webb
    Here’s a summary of Evidence to date of COVID -19 being a bio weapon.

    Why is it important to know?

    The medical profession delivery of treatments changes slowly without convincing authority guiding the application of research, analysis and delivery. There is strong evidence we are dealing with a Bioweapon.

    (1) This video reviews the trail of evidence.

    (2) The NYC doctor video I posted Saturday indicates we seem to be treating COVID 19 doing more harm than good, that ventilator use needs to be rethought.

    (3) Adult language, potty mouth, Clif High discusses his technical thesis indicating it’s a Bioweapon and how the virus mutates, posted Friday. Don’t eat sugar he says, change your diet. After all Clif’s cussing he delivers some good ideas. According to Clif, it seems to be that different areas of the country could be dealing with different mutations. Bio Weapon.

    (4) Catherine Austin Fitts, (suggest looking her up) offers this point of view. “The upside is” we must have open transparency for there to become a win -win scenario with government and the people.

    The alternative media research I do, follow some pretty smart people seemingly working in good faith for the greater good, that pull in lots of medical research that indicates we are in a bio-warfare event. This in itself is a strong likelihood not a proven fact – yet.


    This morning Monday April 6, 2020, Mercury News in San Jose, CA and their SF Bay Area network of newspapers, part of the larger controlled media, posted a Lisa Keieger article “Study concludes pathogen came from all over, so domestic and global travel ban may be needed”

    Keieger, in an obvious tip of the hat to the impact alternative media researchers are having, over-reaches with her declaration which is not supported by any of the researchers cited: “There is no single smoking gun. No long Patient Zero. No one cause ignited an epidemic that how has infected more than 13,000 and killed more than 300 Californians.


    A fair conclusion would have been something more like this: “After speaking to representatives of six major research centers, they are concerned with containment and treatment, not with finding patient zero.”

    The participant responders in her article included an impressive list: UC San Francisco, US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Stanford University, UC Berkeley School of Public Health, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University of Washington, and mention of similar groups in New York.


    I’m 99.99999% convinced this is a bio-weapon devised by the deep state satanic practitioners and its minions. If you dare to exposure yourself to alternative media researchers you will likely feel similarly. It will likely take you over 10 hours of investigative research and not many people will invest that amount of time. I invest far more. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to put these pieces together.

    Surely POTUS has people keeping up on the data being collected and analysed by alternative media researchers. George Webb, Potty-Mouth Clif High, a brilliant genius, the NY City doctor video pleading with us and saying “established prevailing protocols are doing more harm than good,” the obvious side stepping the issue of Patient Zero by main stream media reporting to throw us off track, Financial strategy analysis by Karen Austin Fitts. I want to believe POTUS has people working on every aspect of the deep state.

    Potty-Mouth Clif High, in my opinion has the right idea. Analyse what is working and how to best treat it. We deal with the bad guys after we contain this virus.

    Here’s two things extracted from all my research that augments existing social distancing protocols: (1) The virus feeds off sugar, DON’T EAT SWEATS. (2) The virus seems to always be testing your body after you come in contract with it. When you vitamin C levels fall below some unknown amount the virus attacks very very fast…like within 30 minutes you go from well to sick. MEGA DOSE WITH VITAMIN C ALL DAY.

    I like these two ideas because I am not medically trained and these two safety protections seem to do no harm.

  2. Typo: Don’t eat Sugar not don’t eat Sweats

    • CARIFICATION: Mega Dosing with Vitamin-C is a prophylaxis not a cure. So if you are well, mega dose with Vitamin C for a few weeks. Don’t look at this as a cure that will make you well once you become sick. There is no evidence supporting the latter that I have found.

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