ARKCroneCast news for April 1 appearing on April 4: SOUL CONTRACT WITH MY DAD

As I said on April Fool’s Day, technical difficulties kept producer Gabby engaged in trying to figure out what was going on. That issue finally resolved. Geez. That was three days ago? But then, what day is it in this extending hiatus separating the “old normal” from whatever the “new normal” will be? 

CroneCast #19 || Soul Contract With My Dad

is now available to all patrons:

Description: I detail the hugely transformative journey that my Dad and I endured, a philosophical divide that kept us strongly at odds for nearly 30 years. One tidbit I forgot to mention in the video: while dancing with my Doctor and Catholic Deacon Dad on a cruise ship during the folks’ 50th anniversary, he looked at me, and stated, soberly, “Thank you for making me question every single one of my beliefs.” This was when he was my age now, 77! That was 3/4 of the way through our journey. Both the midway point and the finale were equally amazing.


Wow, I just now noticed that this is ARKCroneCast #19 . . . which in numerology reduces to a “1” (add 1 and 9 to get 10; add 1 and 0 to get 1), a karmic number signifying the need to learn how to use power to empower rather than to control. Duh! I was born on December 19, and if ever there was a power struggle for me, this was the one. Fantastic synchronicity!

This week’s public offering on Patreon and Youtube:



CroneCast #14: Chapter 2, Walking/Ten Tools for Transformation


P.S. This morning, as puppy Shadow and I hiked paths on the cultivated grounds of the beautiful empty Indiana University campus, the only people we saw were a few other walkers, usually with dogs, waving “hi” from a distance. What a synchronous time to release this particular audio! Come on folks, if you haven’t yet started to walk daily, now is the time.

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