Where are we headed? FREEDOM or SLAVERY?

Re: yesterday’s post, where I was more than unusually “sure of myself,” in terms of the perspective offered. With no “real evidence,” however, just trust in certain people, for example, Joe M, who tweeted this morning:


Meanwhile, just to mix it up a bit, I offer a fantastic discussion between two men, Sean of XGT Report and Dave of X-22 Report, both with large followings in the alt-media world, and who have been friends for many years. Until this “pandemic,” and the official lock-down response to the constant blatant MSM fear-mongering, these two good men shared much the same world view. Moreover, each of them is father to four young children, a fact that drives them to do all they can to transform this world into a place where their kids can thrive.

The sudden emergence of a strong difference in their perspectives, is stark And though this rift in their largely common world view appears to have tested their friendship, as men of integrity and honor, they both rose above their own “positions” to listen to the other with an open mind and heart. Dave’s view at X-22 Report is consistently positive, even now, which Sean at XGT Report finds amazing, as he simply cannot see how what Dave sees as Trump’s goal, to End the Fed, and return the fiat-money, debt-bssed monetary system from the central banksters to the people, can actually work. How, he asks over and over again, will this actually come to pass? What will actually happen to our purchasing power, now that hundreds of billions of dollars are being handed out to big corporations, just like in 2008?

Of course Dave, who admits to fighting with his own trepidation daily, does not know how to answer Dave’s probing question about details. But he does still hold a belief in both the motives and efficacy of “Trump and the Patriots,” as he calls them.

Many of us share their common trepidation, while still holding Dave’s vision of a transformed world. The point is, from Sean’s newly pessimistic perspective, unless we begin to revolt, the way this “pandemic” is being played by the deep state leads directly to the long planned New World Order. That those who want to simply “Trust the Plan” (as laid out, for example, by Q), and just sit back and watch it happen, might end up as enslaved as everyone else.

I was impressed by both men’s tone of voice, and their obviously heartfelt, but opposing views on the apparently collapsing economy and culture. Especially impressed by Dave, who allowed his own vulnerability to show. When Sean wonders whether all Dave is offering is “hope” (called in doomer circles “hopium“), Dave says yes, he wants to connect the dots in a way that offers a hopeful perspective, that he needs to believe in what he saying.

I agree with both of them, in that we do need to be highly aware of the clear and drastic choice now before us. That this truly is a war between good and evil, and that only if the good wins will the human race even survive, much less thrive. And: rather than beLIEve in the perspective Dave offers, I want to hold it, as a vision, a strong, daily, unwavering intention; and from my own centered place in this epoch-changing moment, do all that I personally can in my own small world to bring that new world into manifestation. For example, by putting all my monetary resources into the transformation of a small portion of one urban/suburban neighborhood into a permaculture village.

Given “what’s going down,” and the dependence of my town, Bloomington, on the massive academic entity, Indiana University, that sits inside it and is currently vacant, my new question is, How to Repurpose a University? Because who knows, questions that we would never have imagined, are on the table now.

BTW: Just this morning, a reader sent me this VERY interesting essay, which, if correct, tends to bend one’s  perspective in Dave’s direction. YES!

Putin and Trump Versus the New World Order: The Final Battle

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  1. James Freeman says:

    >>How to Repurpose a University?

    I’m sure some of those ‘Continuity of Government’ fuckers already have plans to re-purpose them into ‘re-education camps’…

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